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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Strange News...

Early this week, I read about how a nursing mom from Kentucky, USA was charged with felony assault for squirting milk on her jail guard's face. The mom was arrested for intoxication, transported to a detention center and while changing into her jail scrubs, squirted the guard with her milk! According to the jail's press release, the officer was successfully able to "clean the bio-hazard off her." Strange news indeed but as Penny Lane pointed out, what is disturbing is the treatment or perception of breastmilk as a bio-hazard.

This is probably the reason why the thought of breast milk cheese makes many people squirm. Sometime in 2008, PETA wrote Ben & Jerry's asking them to use breast milk in their ice cream instead of cow's milk. PETA got their idea from a Swiss restaurant Storchen, which was eventually banned from serving breast milk from their menu.

This year, a New York chef is in the headlines for serving cheese made from his fiancee's breast milk. Chef Daniel Angerer posted a recipe for the breastmilk cheese in his blog and his cheese warranted an appearance on the Today show but had no takers. In the TodayMom's survey, majority or about 65% of respondents did not want to try the cheese.

I probably would be willing to try breastmilk cheese if it was made out of my own breastmilk or my sister's. But I definitely would not want to eat cheese made out of a stranger's breastmilk! It's a pity I already gave away all my expressed milk. I think I might try to pump 2 cups of milk over the weekend since I certainly would want to try making this breastmilk cheese as Naima just LOVES cheese!

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ambquezada said...

I would agree with you. if it were somebody else's breastmilk, i wouldn't even be willing to look at it. it's not that it's dirty, it's just that i don't know her lifestyle. same goes with serving breastmilk in the menu.

While we were making rounds at the female ward, there were 2 post-partum mothers. one was breastfeeding while one mother had no breastmilk. she tried for a day but to no avail. We suggested the mother who had breastmilk to offer the other mother her milk. She was hesitant, afraid that her milk might be rejected. she herself knew that if it came from other mothers, people would easily dismiss it, even if it meant giving the baby the most complete food they could get:)

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