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Friday, April 2, 2010

Sagging Boobs and Nursing?

Finally, a study entitled Breast Ptosis: Causes and Cure which will come out in the Annals of Plastic Surgery confirms that sagging boobs are not caused by breastfeeding. At every other L.A.T.C.H. lecture, there is always a pregnant mom who will ask whether breastfeeding causes sagging breasts. Just last Saturday, when I was sharing my breastfeeding experience during a Parenting 101 class, I was again asked the same question. I usually just reply that sagging breasts are caused by pregnancy and by genes.
In this study, experts state that significant risk factors for sagging breasts would be age, history of significant (more than 50 lbs) weight loss, higher body mass index, larger bra cup size, number of pregnancies, and smoking history (everyone should really stop smoking!). The authors also clearly state that "history of breast-feeding, weight gain during pregnancy, and lack of participation in regular upper body exercise were not found to be significant risk factors for ptosis."
So much for that old wives' tale and now, I have something to back me up when I tell pregnant women that sagging breasts are NOT caused by breastfeeding! :)


Melodie said...

Can Maman a Droit and I include this in the Body Image Carnival sometime between April 12-19. It would certainly save one of us writing about it ourselves and then you would get all the credit!!
Send us the url if we can. You can submit more than one entry too.
Thanks Jenny!

Lindsay said...

I heard a girl and her mom say this on MTV's "16 and Pregnant" the other day. Her Ob-gyn told them pregnancy, not breastfeeding causes sagging, but they didn't believe her. Guess we know why she's a doctor and they weren't!

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