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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What "breastfeeding essential" did you really use?

At the back cover of this month's Baby Magazine, SM Baby Company had an ad entitled "breastfeeding essentials" which included breast pumps, breast pads, breast shells, maternity bra, nursing pillows, diaper bag, anti-stress cream/elasticising oil/breast enhancing serum/firming cream.
In last week's giveaway, I discussed about asked moms to share their most useful and most useless purchases.  Several moms stated that their most useful purchase was their breastpump.  
As a working mom, I certainly  found my breastpump to be a very useful purchase.  However, I did have some "breastfeeding purchases" which I never got to use like the nipple shield and lily padz.  
Aside from my well used pump (I actually have 3!), I have also maximized the use of my nursing bras and nursing clothes.  My bra size increased 1 cup and 1 size up so all my old bras don't fit anymore.  I haven't purchased any new bra yet since I'm still nursing and I'm not sure if my bra size will shrink once I stop.  Besides, I'm quite happy with the nursing bras I have :) (shameless plug!).  Similarly, my nursing clothes have been put to good use.  I find that a lot of the new brands of nursing clothes are quite fashionable and you really wouldn't know that they are for nursing. 
However, there are several "breastfeeding essentials" pictured in Baby and Company's ad which I didn't think were necessary at all!  Would you apply anti-stress cream, elasticising oil, breast enhancing serum or firming cream on your breasts while you are nursing your child?! And what has nursery bags got to do with breastfeeding? I know some moms who never purchased anything for breastfeeding - so there are definitely no "breastfeeding essentials" that you need to purchase.  I don't recommend coming up with such lists especially since each mom varies with what they really find useful for breastfeeding!


Melodie said...

I used breast pads and a nursing bra. I did find those essential. I also used a breastfeeding pillow for a little while but didn't find it as essential as I thought I would. I'm surprised they didn't include lanolin in this list, although a part of me is quite happy they didn't becaue it doesn't set women up to think that breastfeeding will hurt. Although the nipple shields do I suppose....

Dez del Rosario said...

From Baby & Co.'s list, the only things there that were essential to me was the pump, nursing bra (bought the t-shirt type) and breast pads.

The nursery/diaper bag is so-so since any bag with a decent organizer works, hehe.

My other breastfeeding essentials include a chair with a back and armrest (for propping my arm-with-baby-on-it up), and a foot stool (to raise my legs). Other than that, it's pretty much just baby and me.

SamKindOfWonderful said...

i bought 2 nursing bras only. then i bought bra extenders so i could still use my other bras. i never bought a single nuring blouse. i just wear a tube inside. roll it up when i breastfeed. there are lots of nursing stations already anyway. by the way, i met you during the la leche meetinglast saturday. i am starting my own blog. visit my blog ok? Thanks!

maricel bangilan said...

I'm expecting my first baby this September and I haven't really purchased something for nursing. My only problem is I have inverted nipples. Could you share me some tips on how to make breastfeeding easier when the baby comes?

Jenny said...

hi! i would suggest that you attend breastfeeding classes to prepare. and
also since you have inverted nipples, you may want to visit a breastfeeding
counselor or an IBCLC to help you prepare and to manage expectations. hope
this helps!

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