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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nurse Me Tender - Would you buy one?!

Oh my gosh!! What will they think of next?!!

Nurse Me Tender was invented by Christa Anderson who nursed her baby up to 11 months. The gadget straps the bottle to your chest with the purpose of stimulating nursing and can be used by both male or female caregivers.

Reminds me of Meet the Fockers?!!! Would you buy one?! I don't think I will!


Martine said...

Hahahahaha! Oh my gosh. That's just too weird!

iffe said...

this is wierd. It won't work anyway if the baby is like mine who has "reverse nipple confusion".

Melodie said...

That's quite an interesting contraption you found there!

newincs said...

I would use one. I am unable to get even so much as a shower since my little man wants to be nursed nearly 20 hours a day. Would be VERY nice to take a shower without listening to him scream his head off. Dad could give him pumped milk. After 11 months an hour out without him would be nice too. The one and only time I tried it the baby screamed his head off. He screamed himself to sleep. Daddy tried to give him a bottle with pumped breastmilk and he simply wouldn't take it. Something like this would give me that hour here and there that I could be away.

Meet the Fockers really had an awesome idea. My best friend and I have giggled over making a pacifier that mimics my breast. ... perhaps a mold. Made out of the same type of "feels real" material they make perv toys out of... do something good with that science there :) .. that way car rides wouldn't be such absolute torture for my little man. LOL. Maybe one day! :) Since we plan to nurse (only, no other liquids besides the occasional treat.. no cups) until two years old we need SOMETHING :) This could be it as long as the nipple is breast friendly :)P

Brooke said...

I don't think a baby who refuses a bottle would like this contraption any more. The baby still has to accept the bottle. Plus, babies getting expressed breast milk from a bottle need to be fed sitting up anyway.

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