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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Breastfeeding Welcome Here!

Check out these 2 excellent programs which just launched in August!  Promoting breastfeeding anywhere, the DOH Breastfeeding Check and Breastfeeding Philippines launched their respective "Breastfeeding Welcome Here" signs!
Taken from Nanay Nona's Facebook Page
Breastfeeding Philippines' Nanay Nona, Dr. Elvira Henares and Ms. Chiqui Mabanta at Corner Tree Cafe
Taken from DOH Breastfeeding TSEK Facebook Page
Establishments can choose to get the signs either from Breastfeeding Philippines or the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Secretariat.

To get the signs from Breastfeeding Philippines, call their office at 701-4429 and 701-4430.  You can also text your name and landline number to +63-9198395555 and leave a short note saying you'd like to get the welcome signs.   Breastfeeding Philippines will get in touch with you to schedule an orientation of your staff and send you the JPEG file for printing.

Meanwhile, to get the sign from the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Secretariat, visit their Facebook page.  You can see photos of the first five BFWH stores all in Quezon City - Bacolod Chicken Inasal, New Kamameshi House, Tropical Hut, Max's and Serye.

No Facebook access?  Check out the mechanics below:

Any business that is open to the general public like restaurants, coffee shops, and retail stores, can participate.

  • Welcoming attitude from staff and management - All members should be aware that the business is a member of the program. Breastfeeding is acceptable in all areas of the business premises that are open to the general public.  A mother who is breastfeeding in an area of business premises open to the general public will not be asked to move to another area or requested to stop breastfeeding.
  • Smoke-free environment - Because of the dangers of second hand-smoking, businesses must not allow cigarette, cigar, or pipe smoking in all areas of the business premises open to the general public.
  • Room to move a pram or stroller - Some families bring a pram or stroller to put the baby to in when not being carried or breastfed.  Families must be allowed to move them around the business premises with ease, and permitted to park them beside their table or seat.

In the meantime, email ABBEY to get your copy of the application form.  This will be forwarded to the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Secretariat.  Once processed, you will receive an information brochure, program certificate, and decal for display.

Spread the word! Share this information with your business owner friends and let's make breastfeeding the norm everywhere!!

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