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Saturday, August 13, 2011

PSA: Run for Sofia Ysabel

I received an email from Kit Cayetano about 2 weeks ako. Kit is a nursing mom of a 10-month old and wanted to share the story of her friend's baby, Sofia Ysabel, who passed away due to coronary heart disease on July 23. You can read about her story here. Sofia's mom had been expressing milk for her ever since she was born.

Before Sofia passed on, the family's runner friends organized a run for Sofia on August 27, 2011. The family has decided that the run will push through even if Sofia has passed on.
You can read about the details of the run HERE and sign up HERE. Registration is P500 and the run will be held at Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill. According to Kit, they are still identifying a beneficiary for the run. I was just reminded of so many other children with heart conditions that can be considered, namely: Anya, Chip, Lysander and Chino.
With about 2 weeks left before the event, I am not sure if they've met the 1000 runners mark. So do sign up! It's for a good cause :D

*Update - Chip passed away on August 11, 2011 and his family have decided to stop all collection efforts. Let us pray for him and his family.

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Tina Santiago Rodriguez said...

What perfect timing Jenny! ;-) I was just about to post about Sofia too. I came across the blog about her the other day, and my heart broke for her parents. I'll be posting about the run on Thank you for mentioning Chino and Lysander too - Chino is back home from the hospital after another bout of pneumonia. We are really reminded of how everything we have here on earth is "but fleeting and temporary," even our own children - which is why we must make the most of every second, every day, to live our lives passionately and with love. I am glad that we moms are "connected" in some way, esp. when it comes to wanting the best for our children, and even for the kids of others. ;-)

P.S. Sorry to have missed the All About Baby fair and LATCH exhibit! ;-( Was busy helping friends with their kid's birthday bash. hehe. I'm sure it went great! ;-) Excited to see photos and the commercial! Godbless

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