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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LATCH Celebrates Breastfeeding Month!

It is a very busy month for LATCH as we celebrate Breastfeeding Month!!

First up is our campaign for August: Give Life, Live Life, Breastfeed!
Among the booby traps to breastfeeding is that new moms think that if they breastfeeding, they'll be stuck to their babies, at home and their partners have no way of helping them.  This campaign seeks to disprove this trap and in fact, breastfeeding not only gives life to your nurslings but allow the moms to live life to the fullest!
How? Well, check out LATCH's spread in The Working Mom Magazine's August issue!
Photos by Karen Ilagan for LATCH and Working Mom Magazine
Breastfeeding allows mom to have a "portable baby," ready for shopping, church, travel, dinner or lunch out with friends without mom having to worry about where to get clean water, where to wash bottles, did she pack enough formula for the day, etc. etc.?  Again, breastfeeding not only lets moms give life to their babies but also allows them to live their life!

Aside from this campaign, LATCH also has several classes/lectures lined up for August.  On 11 August 2011, Thursday, LATCH will be helping SM Bicutan celebrate Breastfeeding through presentations about the benefits and myths surrounding breastfeeding at 2pm.  Then on 13 August 2011, LATCH will be having a special Best Beginnings in Breastfeeding seminar at the Medical City, starting at 9am.  Finally, on 27 August 2011, LATCH will also be giving a talk at SM Makati for Baby & Co's Breastfeeding month celebration.

Meanwhile, on 13 August 2011, visit All About Baby Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent.  This event is co-presented by LATCH and you can shop to your heart's delight as various breastfeeding brands and products will be available for purchase! No lock-outs here ;)
Don't forget to bring a copy of the August 2011 Working Mom magazine to get free entrance for you and your family.  Plus, LATCH will be having an exhibit of breastfeeding photos and advocates and a booth where you can meet the LATCHers, attend free classes and get free counseling.  Free class is scheduled at 3pm.

Finally, stay tuned for the LATCH campaign on the Lifestyle Network plus more photos and videos of breastfeeding advocates sharing their messages about breastfeeding.   I will be uploading the photos and videos as soon as they are cleared for release!

It's a busy busy month for LATCH and we hope you can be a part of it!


Lany said...

Hi Jenny,

If only we have events like these in Davao. Great content here, I'm including you in my link list. All the best!

Jenny said...

thanks for dropping by Lany!

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