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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Delectable Lactation Brownies from Mommy Treats!

It has been more than 1 year since Paola Loot of Mommy Treats launched her lactation goodies especially made for nursing moms.  Since then she has developed new flavors for her lactation cookies and muffins.  Her oven has been groaning, her mixer has conked out and business has been growing!  
Paola and I often see each other during La Leche League meetings.  I really admire how she is able to maintain a personal touch with her clients despite how much her business has grown.  Paola also regularly reviews comments from her clients, allowing her to develop new flavors and adjust her current menu to suit the mommies' tastes. 

rich and decadent!
lactation brownies!
I just recently returned to work and was quite sad over leaving E at 2 months.  I felt quite guilty because with N, I was able to postpone going back to work until she was 7 months.  On my third day at work, imagine my delight when I received a box of these beauties!  Paola and I had met over the weekend and she told me that she would be sending me lactation brownies.  I was quite excited since I really needed a pick-me-up and what better upper than these lovely, crumbly, rich and decadent brownies! Apparently, Paola had been baking these for some time now but hasn't advertised them for sale.  Despite that, these delectable brownies have a cult following among mommies!  Who wouldn't love them?  The taste of fenugreek is so faint and I can't tell that they are lactation brownies at all! Paola sells them for P660 per dozen plus shipping.  One piece a day is all you need and is equivalent to 1 pack of her cookies or muffins (in terms of recommended daily consumption).
Since Paola bakes them fresh and these goodies have no preservatives, it is best to store them in the freezer.  I've filled up our office freezer with her goodies.  You can choose to warm the goodies through microwave or toaster.  
To order, contact Paola via email or Facebook or Multiply.

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Adventures on Planet Mom said...

I am a huge fan of her brownies!!! Love love love it. Even my son eats it too. It soft, chewy and addictive. Hehe

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