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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Win the use of an Ameda Elite for your office for 1 year!

Today is my first day back to work and what better way to commemorate it by holding a blog contest especially for working and pumping moms!
As a working and pumping mom when N was a nursling, the Ameda Elite was my best friend at work.  The Elite is a powerful multi-user pump and I really loved it!  You can read my review of the Elite here.  After I graduated from pumping, the Elite went to my sister as she went to pump milk for her preemie baby who is now 2 years old!  I sent the Elite pump to Babymama (the authorized Ameda dealer in the Philippines) for cleaning, restoration and refurbishing and it is now as good as new!  Since I now have 3 new pumps (Unimom ForteFreestyle and Hygeia), I have decided to share my Ameda Elite to another group of moms who will benefit most with it.

With the passage of the Expanded Breastfeeding Act and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, a lot of companies have taken steps to establish breastfeeding stations in the workplaces.  Click this link if you want to know more on how to set up a work place lactation program.  However, I haven't encountered any company that provided a multi-user pump for their employees.  Moms generally purchase and bring their own pump and just use the lactation room to express milk.
Babymama and Chronicles of a Nursing Mom have banded together to provide one lucky mom the use of an Ameda Elite pump for her company for 1 year!  One lucky mom will be able to share the Ameda Elite pump with at least 4 of her officemates for 1 year.  Since we want to make sure that more people will win/benefit from this contest, the mechanics are a bit lengthy.

  1. This contest is open to all breastfeeding moms who work in an office within Metro Manila.

  2. A working mom should submit the following information as her entry through the form below or at this link:
  • name and job description;
  • names of the breastfeeding moms of the company who intend to use the Ameda Elite (must be pregnant or currently breastfeeding);
  • her company's name;
  • a photo of her pumping station;
  • a write-up on the different ways her company supports breastfeeding; and
  • how her company can improve their support of breastfeeding mothers.
  1. The entry is subject to approval of the judges on the completeness of the entry before being posted on the Babymama and Chronicles of a Nursing Mom (CNM) Facebook album page.

  2. The winning entry will get the following:
    • Free use of the Ameda Elite hospital grade breast pump for 1 year at her place of work (cannot be used in the house);
    • 5 free dual hygienikits worth P3500; and
    • for employees of the same company, chance to avail of hygienikits at a discounted rate of P2000 instead of P3500 for 1 year.
  1. Entries will be disqualified if:
    • Names/number of breastfeeding moms is in any way protested as false
    • Vote garnered from vote exchange sites
    • Multiple posting of the same content in the Babymama or CNM facebook sites
  1. Only one entry per company.

  2. Winners will be ranked according to the following criteria:
    • Most likes of the entry posted in the Ameda Elite Babymama contest page (1st - 25 points, 2nd - 15 points, 3rd - 10 points)
    • Most likes of the entry posted in the Ameda Elite Chronicles of a Nursing Mom contest page (1st - 25 points, 2nd - 15 points, 3rd - 10 points)
    • Number of breastfeeding or potential breastfeeding moms  in the company who intend to use the Ameda Elite (1st - 25 points, 2nd - 15 points, 3rd - 10 points)
    • Number of unique, individual blogs reposting the entry submitted in both Babymama and CNM FB pages (multiple entries/blog is not counted).
      • Blog should have an entry at least 3 months old. (1st - 25 points, 2nd - 15 points, 3rd - 10 points)
        Link to blog post should be posted as a comment to the photo entry in the Ameda Elite contest album of Babymama and CNM FB pages.
  1. The entry with the most points wins.

  2. The winner's responsibility is:
  • Get approval from HR/Breastfeeding committee to incorporate the free use of the Ameda Elite as part of the breastfeeding program for a 1 year period
  • HR/Breastfeeding committee to provide an official memo to Babymama and CNM that they are accepting the Ameda Elite as a loaned unit for a 1 year period and that this will be allowed for pull out in the same condition as this was given after 1 year
  • Commit that the Ameda Elite pump will be used at the place of work. Should Babymama/CNM find out otherwise, the Amede Elite will immediately be pulled out even if the 1-year loan period is not yet over.
  1. Submission of entries is from March 1- March 20, 2012. Voting and reposting of blog entries until March 25.

  2. Announcement of winners will be on March 26. 


Joey said...

Hi Jenny!  This is a great idea!  :)  I would have loved to join if I were an employee.  Kudos!

Candice said...

What a wonderful idea for a contest Jenny!  It will benefit more than 1 mom. Good luck to the contestants!

Kingmr said...

this is a great contest, jenny!! 

and all the best as i start work again. :-) thanks for the help-- your store, your blog and friendly consultation/text messages! :D

Anne @ GreenEggs&Moms said...

I've past the breastfeeding stage but it's always nice to read about other products. I wasn't happy with mine before and I can't even remember the brand- that's how bad it was haha.

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