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Monday, July 16, 2012

Introducing F.A.B.

Without much fanfare, the Filipino Association of Babywearers has launched!  The Facebook page is up with a spanking new FAB Logo designed by Fancy Girl Designs in collaboration with me, Buding, Jen and Eliza.  Our peg for the logo was the Edsa urban art

Here's what FAB founder Buding has to say about the logo:
The logo is a customized lettering of F-A-B.  We wanted to have a Pinoy iconic feel, thus the colors and basic shapes - rectangle, triangle, circle.
We want Babywearing to be a primary concern for families - a practice that they can BUILD on that's why the graphics look layered.  The logo is meaningful, modern, fresh, fun, alive and artful - the way we feel as babywearing families.

The logo was launched during Expomom and since then, we have been holding various meets - from small and intimate to big and grand.  We are hoping to hold meets in all parts of the Metro.  So if you are interested, do email me or send a message on the FAB Facebook page.  We are happy to help families (moms, dads, caregivers, grandparents, aunties, uncles, yayas, etc) learn how to babywear.  We don't charge a fee and usually location is an issue.  If you have a well-ventilated place where families can gather, we would be happy to hold a babywearing meet in your area.

Have you visited and liked the fan page yet?  Do upload your photos too and spread the love of babywearing!

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