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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Painting at Home and Happy 7th Month E!

For E's 7th month pictorial, we finally executed the lay-out that we had long wanted to try - paints!  Aunty Helen of Hatch and Latch had gifted E with The Originally Natural Safe Finger Paint Tottle Set from Wee Can Too.  What makes it different from other finger painting brands is that Wee Can Too an edible art supply.
Our signature product and winner of the 2012 Cribsie Awards!  Fantastically Fun Edible Finger Paint, created in 2007 with babies in mind, adhering to a baby safe ingredients which are Organic! VEGAN, no wheat, no sugar, no preservatives!  Save enough to eat, Fantastic Finger Paints come in 5 colors!  Purple/Blue with REAL blueberries, Red/Pink with REAL beets, Orange & Yellow with REAL pumpkin and green with REAL spinach!  CPSIA Compliant.  Made from Organic Fruit & Vegetable powders, rice cereal and rice flour! If they can eat the can paint!  Paints come in 6 oz. convenient tottle bottles which have powder in them.   
Paint comes in powder form (as seen here).  You just add the water, shake and create.  Makes over 12oz. of paint per bottle (refill bottle with water and get more paint).  Must be refrigerated after water is added.
We had long wanted to use the finger paints but at 5 months, E was not yet ready for solids and at 6 months, he couldn't sit up for a long time yet.  We finally had our chance during his 7-month pictorial.  Of course, Achi N wanted to join in the fun too!

The paints are quite easy to use.  As instructed, you fill up the bottles with water, shake then use. On the day of the pictorial (July 23), E came from his 7-month pediatrician appointment which included a vaccination.  So he couldn't bathe after the pictorial.  We debated whether to use the finger paints or not.  We were pleasantly surprised that the paints were easy to wipe off so we decided to use them.

N and E had fun with the paints (and so did daddy S!).  The colors were bright and yummy!  Note however that these are finger paints and not food!  So while any accidental swallowing is okay, the paints are not meant to be fed to your baby :D  Note also that once diluted with water, the paints needed to be refrigerated and used within one month.  I guess that is a consequence of products being organic - since they do not have preservatives, they must be used within a short time.  This means more painting fun for the kids!

Wee Can Too Edible Art Supple is locally available from Hatch and Latch.  Aside from the tottle set, the finger paints are also available in a Grab N' Go pot set.  Veggie Crayons are also available.

E received the tottle set as a gift.  I also purchased a Wee Can Too Art Kit which includes paint, chalk and crayons online.

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