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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Breastmilk Donation Updates

I just got off the phone with Ms. Bessie Borja of DOH.  Breastmilk donations are continuously being accepted at UP-PGH Milk Bank, under Dr. Aurora Libadia.  Aside from UP-PGH, Fabella and PCMC also have pasteurizers.  However, the PCMC pasteurizer is small while Fabella has regular breast milk supply from the mothers who give birth at their hospital.  The best place to donate would be to UP-PGH.  The donations brought to Medela House also eventually end up in UP-PGH. 

UP-PGH needs about 80 liters of milk to run their pasteurization machine.  The milk is then ready to be deployed to the evacuation centers, if necessary.  The contact person to request for breastmilk donations is CHD-Metro Manila's Ms. Myrna Lapuz.  

As of today, Ms. Bessie Borja has been in touch with local health officers and mentioned that there is no immediate need yet for deployment of breastmilk.  However, it would be best if we can continue the breastmilk drive and transfer to UP-PGH so that the milk can be pasteurized. 

For breastmilk donations, you can bring them to:
a. UP-PGH Milk Bank, contact Nurse Tina or Grace 0921-453-5310 or 5362867

b. The Medela House, No. 29, 1st Steet, New Manila, Quezon City - 09175614366 or 7253723

*The milk here will be pasteurized at UP-PGH Milk Bank and ready for deployment.

If you want to give to a specific recipient, you can donate breastmilk directly to CRIBS Foundation, Inc.
#15 Major Dizon St., Industrial Valley Complex, Marikina City 1802; (632)681-5921, (632)681-8078, (632) 576-7693; (632) 647-1329  Cellphone no. :  0917-5112742

Just a reminder, if you are asking for formula milk donations or offering formula milk donations, please note that it is illegal under the Milk Code UNLESS you apply for and have clearance from the IAC.  Please read these guidelines -,%20s.%202000.pdf  SCROLL TO IV-B.  

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