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Friday, September 28, 2012

Thank you Sangobion!

Dear readers, sorry that it has taken me more than a month after the awarding to write a Thank You post to Sangobion.

First of all, I would like to thank Sangobion and Smart Parenting for choosing my blog as among the Top Ten Finalists from among 50 blogs.  It is an honor to be considered as a top parenting blog.

unboxing the iPad
Thank you also to all my readers who voted and help me win third place!  Since this was a voting contest (most votes win!) I couldn't have gotten to 3rd place without your support.

One of the prizes given was a 16gb white iPad.  It took me another month to open the iPad.  You see, we previously had an IPAD (the first one).  My daughter got addicted.  It was difficult to set rules and she threw a tantrum whenever we asked her to stop using the IPAD.  So we gave it away.  IPAD2 came and I resisted the urge to purchase one.  When the iPad was launched, again I wanted to buy one but remembered the tantrums and arguments so I resisted.

When the contest was launched, I tried my luck and won the iPad.  However, Stan and I decided to keep it first and asked N to show us that we could agree on the frequency of its use.  We did this first by scheduling TV times and her use of Stan's Galaxy S.  It was a month-long probation and happily she passed. So last Sunday, we unboxed  the iPad.  So far so good, we have been able to follow rules.

How about you? Do you have a tablet or a smartphone? How do you manage your kids' time on it?

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