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Friday, September 14, 2012

What's in your juice? A Tipco Juice Announcement

Before we had kids, Stan and I had the luxury of traveling backpacker style.  Our most memorable trip was when we traveled to Thailand, leaving Manila at 12mn on Egypt Air then staying at a dirt cheap hostel along Khao San Road.  We also took a 10-hour land trip on dirt roads to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our entire 2-week trip just cost us P30,000 pesos including air fare, food, lodging and transportation.  Now, our travels are more carefully planned and budgeted as they now include our 2 kids (plus yaya, sometimes).

Anyway, if you are thinking of going to Thailand, TIPCO Juice Philippines has an ongoing promo - Tripaway 2!  This was launched during the TIPCO event last July 21, 2012 which I missed due to very strong rains! However, the local distributor Transaxion Unlimited was kind enough to still send me their press kit which included several TIPCO juices plus more!

Tipco Juice is the No. 1 juice brand in Thailand and currently holds 50% of the market share there.  Their juices have been available in the Philippines since 2005, although they just started promoting it in 2010.  My mom regularly receives boxes of Tipco Juice from her friends during Christmas and we eagerly divide them amongst us siblings to enjoy :D

You can read more about Tripaway 2 at Tipco Juice Philippines' Facebook page and below:
The "Tipco Tripaway" promo, which runs from July 1 to September 30, 2012, is bringing its lucky grand prize winners to Bangkok, Thailand. Monthly draws will also be held for three consecutive months, starting this August, with all-inclusive trips to Cagayan de Oro, Puerto Princesa, and Boracay at stake.Every single-receipt purchase of three 1-liter packs of Tipco 100% Juice from any supermarket or grocery nationwide entitles customers to one raffle entry. To submit the entry, customers can visit and enter the requested information. Deadlines for the submission of entries fall on August 5 for the First Monthly Draw (Cagayan de Oro) on August 10; September 5 for the Second Monthly Draw (Puerto Princesa) on September 10; October 5 for both the Third Monthly Draw (Boracay) and Grand Prize Draw (Bangkok) on October 10. 
Meanwhile, I am more excited about their new product - Tipco Superkid 100% Juice.   During N's 4th birthday last December 2011, instead of serving the usual fast food fare, I opted to have home cooked kiddie meal consisting of spaghetti and chicken lollipops from Almost Gourmet plus  TIPCO juices for everyone!  The Superkid Juice was not yet available at that time so I had to make do with the regular juices in smaller tetrapak sizes.  However, the 250ml juice boxes were still too much for the preschoolers so we had a lot of wasted juice! :(

Tipco Superkid 100% Juice comes in 4 flavors - Mixed Veggie & Mixed Fruit, Apple, Shogun Orange and Red Grape.  What I love best about it is that it comes in a 110ml size - perfect for N's baon (and for her future school parties!)

In choosing our juices, I always read the labels and choose brands which do not include high fructose corn syrup and other extenders.  Tipco Juice's nutrition innovation promise: no preservatives, no coloring, no flavoring and no added sugar - got me hooked plus the juices taste good.  Stan loves the mangosteen juice while I like the broccoli and medley orange flavors.   The broccoli juice is surprisingly good - while the green color may look unappetizing, I promise the juice itself is a lot lot better.  Next  flavors to try and already on my grocery list - blood orange, spinach and beetroot!

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