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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Diaper Care for Baby - CHANGE often (a Johnsons Baby sponsored post)

Stan has changed more diapers than I have but both of us know that changing diapers can be a scary experience, especially for a new parent.  You can be in for a treat if baby is cooperative and just lies back while you go about your business. But generally - that's not the case.  Especially with E, S has been sprayed with pee and poo countless of times!  Fun aside, changing diapers is serious business.  For the third post in this Johnson & Johnson series of Complete Diaper Care, I would like to focus on Step 3 - CHANGE your baby.

Cloth diapers have not always been a part of our lives.  With N, we semi-cloth diapered her and used disposables during the day and at night.  As a user of both disposables and cloth diapers, I can say that there are certain concerns that are applicable to parents of babies on cloth or disposables.

Top of these concerns would be bacteria build-up.  You should be aware that your baby's healthy skin (whether cloth diapered or not) may be compromised by the following factors: excessive skin wetness, feces or fecal enzymes - which leads to diaper rash due to skin friction, candida albicans (yeast infection) or unidentified chemical irritants.

Let me emphasize that ALL diapers need to be frequently changed.  I really hate those commercials showing disposable diapers as being able to hold 8 glass of water or that they are good to last for 12 hours without changing.  Whatever diaper your baby is using - cloth or disposables, frequent diaper changes are a must!  Imagine sitting on your own pee for more than an hour.  Even if the cloth diaper has a stay dry layer or the disposable diaper absorbs and turns the pee into gel, the pee is still there sitting on your baby's bum.  More so, if your baby poops - change IMMEDIATELY!  Frequent diaper changes allow skin contaminants to be immediately removed and lets your baby's skin breathe.

With N and even with E, baby wipes are a staple in our diaper bag.  With N, we used these wipes for all diaper changes whether outside or at home.  J&J Baby Wipes are infant wipes soaked with an emulsion-type watery or oily lotion which allows easy removal of dried up poo. Even with E, we still use these wipes to wipe off high chairs, counters, his hands, etc. etc. The wipes are not only soft to touch but also smell pleasant and are gentle on N and E's skin.

Do you have a diapered baby?  How often do you change your baby?

*This is a sponsored post brought to you by Johnson & Johnson Baby.  J&J shares 3-steps in Complete Diaper Care.  You can view the video link here or read the summary here.

*Thank you OC Mom in Manila for being OC enough to take notes during the Complete Care Launch of Johnson & Johnson held last 22 August 2012.  I missed this event and the talks by Next9's Jen CC Tan and Dr. Ma. Victoria C. Dizon, a pediatric dermatologist.

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