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Friday, October 12, 2012

Sponsored Post: Let your baby star in his/her own video!

This is the second part of a 3-part series sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Baby.  You can read the first post, A Mother's Commitment: Giving Without Counting the Cost, here.

Being a photographer's wife is both a boon and a bane.  It is a bane because Stan usually gets booked during weekends so we have limited family time since I am working during the week.  But it is also a boon because I can ask him to take photos of the kids on a whim.  We have amassed quite a collection of photographs for both N and E.  N's photos have been compiled into an album and she enjoys browsing to them and asking us to tell stories about her during that certain age.  Meanwhile, we are compiling E's monthly photos and plan to create a photo wall for his 1st birthday.

Because I have compiled a good number of E's photos, I was excited when I found out about Part 2 of our J&J assignment - I was to upload E's photos and have him star in his own video!  I enjoy personalized products and since I am not a creative person, having a set video where I was just to upload photographs was an easy assignment.  The challenging portion was choosing the photos from a myriad of choices :) Without further ado, presenting E's first photo video courtesy of Johnson & Johnson Baby.

Do you want your own baby to star in his or her own video? You can do so by visiting Baby's First JB Video app. Note, however, that you do have to toggle your privacy settings and allow cookies for the app to work.

Visit the Johnson's Baby Facebook page to learn more about Johnson's Baby Complete Care Diaper System.

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