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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Setting Direction to this Blog

Sometime in May, I won a coaching session from Mommy {T} Coach through a giveaway from My Mommyology.  My entry was

Jenny O:  What still is my biggest challenge is to decide whether to concentrate on being a WOHM or WAHM – concentrate on my full time job or on MBL plus the blog/advocacies and family!!  Doing all 4 is driving me nuts!

I won the contest and enjoyed my Skype Chat with Tala - the life coach behind Mommy {T} Coach.  What is coaching? Tala summarizes it best - "an empowering encounter to live luscious lives".  During my coaching session with Tala, we discussed my goals (career, sideline, blog) and she helped me realize what I needed to focus on and that really, I am going along the right path, considering my goals in life.   If you are at the crossroads, unsure of what you want or unhappy with your current state, a life coach will surely help you set things in perspective.

Back to topic.  As I mentioned, I started this blog primarily to promote my online store. However, as I started writing about breastfeeding, the blog took a different direction and I eventually decide to focus on writing about my passions - breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, attachment and natural parenting.

This year, I have fallen within the radar of companies, ad agencies, PR agencies and marketing companies.  I have been receiving a few offers for sponsored posts, advertisements, products reviews, etc. etc.  Tala and I discussed that since I had a full-time job and didn't see this blog as an income potential yet, I can go on my current system and choose not to focus on doing these posts unless I feel that they fit with my blog's goals and ideals.

However, I keep on thinking about the time when my full-time employment ends.  I am currently on a co-terminus position with my boss - which means that when my boss goes, I leave also, unless I apply for a permanent position.  My boss' term will end mid-2014.  I am undecided whether I want to continue having a full time job or focus on growing my sideline.  Choosing the latter would mean a pay cut and I would definitely have to explore the possibility of earning from this blog.

I favorited these tweets because they summarize how I feel about my blog:

I'd like to think that I'm not your conventional mommy blogger because I write about issues.  Plus, I want to continue to write posts that would make an impact on the readers - a positive impact that would further and promote my advocacy.  My blog may not be ranked top or get a lot of traffic.  But I'm happy that people who visit and read my blog find it helpful and take time to email me and share how they learned a lot or how the blog has helped them.
Thank YOU Armi for writing!
I'm not sure though how I will feel about my blog when my full-time employment ends.  How about you? Do you have a blog?  Why do YOU blog?

Oh, it's my birthday today.. so the reason for a personal post :D

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