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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Date Nights at New World Makati's Jasmine

New World Makati is always special to me because this was one of the places where Mr. Ong and I dated in the early days of our relationship.  I still remember our "kilig" moments at the now-closed Bocarino's almost 15 years ago.

Recently, the SoMoms were invited to a dinner at Jasmine restaurant to introduce their fine Cantonese signature sets.   Whenever I hear Chinese restaurants set menus, I always think of lauriat meals.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that New World's Jasmine does their Chinese restaurants set menus in style!

Unlike most lauriat meals, the Signature Sets can already be ordered with a minimum of 2 persons - very conducive for date nights.  Tonight was a date night with girl friends and with great food and excellent company, it was a night full of laughter!
We started with a trio of appetizers - Chinese sushi, Wagyu beef roll and golden scallop on tropical fresh fruits.  Everyone else wolfed down their scallop first but I saved it for very last! Tender and juicy - yum!! The  Wagyu beef roll was also very good - crunchy and savory.  Next, we had some braised seafood soup with bamboo shoots and conpoy.  I can never have my soup without black vinegar.  I find that it adds a little kick.

My favorite dishes from the set menu were the steamed king prawns with garlic and noodles and the deep fried fish fillet, salted egg yolk and steamed egg white.  The prawn + garlic was really good and I forgot to take a photo until after I had eaten all the noodles (oops!).  The sauce and noodles added flavor to the prawn meat.  I also enjoyed the mix of egg whites and salted egg yolk which made the deep fried fish fillet dish far from boring.

We also met the Cantonese chefs - led by Chef Wong Kam On who designed the four Signature Sets - ranging from P750+ per person to P1,450+ per person.  Neither could speak English very well but happily, we had Cai who could converse with them.
Aside from the Signature Sets, Jasmine also has unlimited dimsum at P600++ (about 660p) with tea or soda and P950+ with champagne on weekends.
Menu for Unlimited Dimsum
Our family loves dimsum!  N particularly considers siomai and xiao long bao as her special treats and regularly request that we eat at restaurants serving these items. We used to dine at a hotel in Ortigas with unlimited dimsum at 888p.  However, we were disappointed during our recent visit because the dimsum was limited to certain items only plus service was really slow (that was early lunch when there were only few tables filled).  Thus, Jasmine's unlimited dimsum offering is a welcome addition to our dining choices.

A #SoMoms gathering is always filled with laughter, chit-chats and good memories.  To cap off the evening, New World sent us home with a tin of their cookies from the bakery.

To book your own date nights at New World, call them at 811-6888.

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