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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day to our Breastfeeding Daddy!

This year marks Stan's 6th Father's Day.  Not because I am being biased - but he is excellent at being a father!  There is a running contest among Stan's barkada about how he is doting dad ideal.  Beyond being a doting dad, there are just so many things that I am thankful for and let me take the opportunity to do so in this blog post.

  • Thank you for overcoming your squeamishness, holding up my legs when it was time to deliver our babies and wrapping up E's placenta for future use.
  • Thank you for changing all diapers - wet and dirty during the kids' first month, allowing me to learn how to breastfeed and to recuperate.
  • Thank you for giving both our kids their first baths, washing their faces, cleaning up their poo and spit-ups and putting them to sleep, giving me a lot of "ME" time.
  • Thank you for attending breastfeeding and birthing classes with me and for never saying No even if you are skeptical of the practices I suggest.
  • Thank you for NEVER suggesting that we switch to formula milk when I was having trouble with N.
  • Thank you for bearing with me when I asked to see several lactation counselors, breastfeeding counselors to get my latch, positioning right.
  • Thank you for taking breastfeeding photographs, for being open to talk about and give breastfeeding tips to families (especially dads) who ask you about it.
  • Thank you for making the kids laugh and scheduling daddy dates without me or the kids asking you to.
  • Thank you for keeping it cool during the times I lose my temper.
  • Thank you for never being a male chauvinist - for stepping up to take care of our children's needs - without thought on whether it is a man's job or a woman's job.
  • Thank you for giving your children their best start in life by encouraging me to breastfeed and adopting my advocacy as your own.

Happy Father's Day to the Number One Dad in our lives!! We love you!

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