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Friday, August 26, 2011

Join LATCH's Peer Counselor Training

The much awaited Batch 3 Training is now pushing through!

LATCH is holding its Peer Counselor Training and limited slots are available.  Participants must attend all the sessions from 8am – 1230pm on the following dates to complete the training:

Wednesday, September 21
Monday, September 26
Wednesday, October 5 
Wednesday, October 12

The training will be conducted at 4th Floor Conference Room, The Medical City, Meralco Ave. Pasig City.  There is a fee of P1,500 to cover 4 days of snacks and lunch plus materials. 

All participants must :
1) have breastfed a child for at least a year
2)  be passionate about breastfeeding
3)  committed to volunteering at least 3 Saturday mornings in 2012 to teach in TMC
4)  must commit time and talent in August 2012 Breastfeeding Month projects
5)  willing to teach others about breastfeeding and speak publicly

Other notes:
1. There will be a milk expression area at the back of the room where we will set-up a couch.  Please do bring your own coolers and nursing covers/blankets if you would like to express milk in privacy.  

2. We will set-up some mats with a few toys for kids at the back.  You can bring your child only if you have a caregiver with them.  Please note that this is a training so you cannot take care of your child when the training is ongoing.  You can take nursing breaks with your child at the milk expression station.  However, if your child starts getting fussy or cranky, your caregiver would need to take him/her out of the room to prevent interruption of the sessions.  
Please also note that The Medical City is a hospital.  Breastfed babies have better immune systems but that does not mean that they are immune to all germs.  :D

3. Deadline for submitting the application form is 11 September 2011.  However, only the application forms of the first 40 applications will be evaluated.  Once 40 applications have been received, LATCH will no longer accept other applications.  So apply early!

Still interested?  Fill up the form below to sign up.  LATCH will get back to you to confirm if you have been accepted in the training.  Thank you for your interest.

We have now reached the maximum number of applicants.  Please expect an email or a text from Sylvia Malabanan, the Training Coordinator by Monday, 5 September 2011.  Sylvia will confirm receipt of your application and inform you of the schedule for your interview.  If you do not receive a text or email on that day, please contact me on 6 September 2011.

Thank you all for your interest.  


Em Malana said...

Hi Jenny!

Will you also be emailing if we don't get accepted?  How long from the date of our application would we know if we are qualified?  This is just so I could time asking permission from my boss and filing vacation leaves for the dates of the training.


Jenny said...

Hi Em! I have to check with the Committee - am not part of it.  Am just a promoter :D  

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