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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In the midst of LATCH Training

We are currently in the midst of the LATCH Training for Batch 3 peer counselors who have completed 3 session days. There will be 1 more session in October plus a graduation and mixer for the 3 different batches. It was my first time to meet all of the participants 2 Mondays ago - although I know some of them and some are readers of this blog. I was quite excited that LATCH was finally able to set, schedule and execute a training session for 2011. There is really a dearth of peer counselors and as volunteer peer counselor moms, our "warm line" Jen has had to deal with several days of silence whenever she refers inquiries and requests for counseling. Plus, there have been several organizations, groups and events that have been tapping LATCH to conduct talks, activities and seminars on breastfeeding.
check out the messages
breastfeeding advocacy cupcakes

For this training, one of the co-founders Sylvia was a coordinator and handled screening of the applications plus interviews. Commitment is a foremost trait that is considered which is why applicants who couldn't attend all 4 sessions were no longer considered for this batch.
Sylvia assigned Module 5 on Breast Anatomy to me last Monday and I prepared for it over the weekend. I also brought a surprise for the participants from Mamaway Philippines - breastfeeding advocacy cupcakes baked and created by Kraze Kitch. I used pegs from a UK blog and Abbey's Breastfeeding Pinay Blog but wanted the entire message to be in just 1 cupcake. I am quite pleased with how the cupcakes turned out. Plus they were made of yummy moist chocolate and butter - so yummy that I had 2 whole cupcakes!!
Here's a close-up taken by Paola of Mommy Treats

These breastfeeding advocacy cupcakes from Mamaway are just a preview of what we have prepared for the Batch 3 participants. Aside from a fun graduation, I was also assigned to prepare these giveaway bags of breastfeeding products. Check out the loot below! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the sponsors of the loot bag - Mama.Baby.Love (that's me!) for the breastfeeding symbol teether (made from mangga wood), Judy's Planet Noah for the Oasis VCO cream and oil, Denise of Indigo Baby for the All in One Spray, Ethel of Celestina & Co. for the lovely headbands (sorry moms with boys!), MedelaMoms for the breastpads, Darlene of By Nature for the pot of lip balm, Imee of Sun Angel Malunggay for the malunggay tea and capsules, Mi'Ann of Babymama for the 2 icepacks, Tammy/Jenny of Mustela Philippines for the Mustela gift pack, Bessie of NursingmomHelen of Hatch & Latch and Buding of Blissful Babes and Roots and Wings Trading. In the bottom picture are some more gifts from Jen of Next9 and Mylene of Moringana. Gift items have been packed in a LATCH reusable eco bag! Love the loot and wish I could've been a participant for this batch!!
Anyway, for moms asking about Batch 4, let Sylvia breathe first after completing Batch 3 training. Who knows, Batch 4 may be open by next year. Stay tuned! 


applesanddumplings said...

Wow! :) I hope I can be a part of batch 4 na! :)

Tiffanylulim said...

Thanks for this, Jen. What are the responsibilities once you become a peer counselor?

Em Alcantara said...

me too! i was supposed to train na but unfortunately, work came in my way. sayang talaga. next time i would really join na.

Jenny said...

hi tiffany! once accredited, you have to participate in LATCH activities such as counseling moms over the phone, email or home visits when necessary.  Foremost would be participating in the bi-monthly classes in Medical City. 

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