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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gifts of Breastfeeding

"Welcome to the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival (December). For this month, we want to honor breastfeeding for having enriched our lives and blessed us, maybe even empowered us, in a way that only breastfeeding can. Please scroll down to the end of this post and check out the other carnival participants."

The holiday season is here and what better topic for the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival than the gifts that breastfeeding has brought to my family?  I won't be talking about the benefits of breastfeeding but rather about the new horizons that breastfeeding has opened up to me.

Top of the list would be this blog.  I am always happy to read feedback about how the blog has been very informative and has helped readers in their own breastfeeding journey.  As I'm preparing for the arrival of my second nursling, I know I am more prepared this time but still doubts linger as each baby is different.  The best I can do is to continue to read up, pray and of course - think positive and be confident!
Because of breastfeeding I was also able to start a small business on the side, focusing on the needs of breastfeeding mom.  Because I used various products (what can I say, I love shopping!), I'm able to bring in and share to my fellow breastfeeding mothers - although I do agree that you actually just need a breast and a baby to successfully breastfeed.   I'm still happy to feed the breastfeeding mom's shopping wishes through my online store.  Next up is a breastfeeding library as I really would want to share my breastfeeding library to other moms.  Just figuring out the mechanics how to ensure that my books will be returned to me in good shape.
Breastfeeding has brought me new friends - like minded moms who share my passion and parenting ideals.  Aside from the friends I met through LATCH, I have also met friends who are also in the business of selling gear intended for breastfeeding moms.  These friends have become excellent sounding boards in helping me make major decisions in my life.
Finally, what better way to celebrate this holiday season than by welcoming our family's second nursling - Erik - coming soon (hopefully before Christmas!)

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Mymommyology said...

I'm excited for Erik to come! :)  So many things to be thankful for!

Mec Camitan Arevalo said...

Ooooh... yes,  I am sooo thankful of the friends I have made because of breastfeeding. I have seriously never met a more inspiring bunch of moms... moms that challenge and inspire me to be a better mom!

Em Alcantara said...

Wow nice name, Erik... I remember The Little Mermaid :) All the best in your delivery, Jenny! And Happy Christmas to everyone :)

Andreaseban said...

Ooooh... yes,  I am sooo thankful of the friends I have made because of
breastfeeding. I have seriously never met a more inspiring bunch of
moms... moms that challenge and inspire me to be a better mom!

Anne Margaux Quezada said...

Allow me to thank you for becoming an inspiration to me and a lot of mothers who were struggling at first on how to properly breastfeed. You were one of my resources.

Carol said...

Me too! Jen's blog is one of my local resources when it comes to breastfeeding. It's wonderful that breastfeeding has blessed me with good friends.

Gretchen said...

I so like your blog. Very informative and useful. I hope we could be blogger friends :)

marnellie said...

hi jenny, did it! was able to start a blog. inspired by milk mama diaries. hope its ok to link your blog: 


jencc said...

Breastfeeding's opened so much for me as well! One of those gifts are YOU!

Happy holidays, Jen, and do let me know when Erik arrives!

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