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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Join our Real Diaper Week Blog Carnival

The focus for this year's Real Diaper Week is advocacy and education with the overall theme being "Real Simple. Real Diapers."  If you're interested in joining this, then I'm sure you know all about the benefits of cloth diapering and bursting to share them! I also know that there are a lot of Pinay moms who are well-versed and highly experienced in the use of cloth diapers.  Since we aim to educate, promote and inform and I'm not sure if there will be a future local cloth diaper carnival, let's try to cover as much information as we can during this carnival!
You can choose to write about any of the 3 categories below:
  • Cloth Diaper How to's - how to make cloth wipes, how to remove stains, how to prep new diapers, how to survive overnights or short trips on cloth diapers, etc. etc.
  • Cloth Diapering Must Haves - day-to-day essentials, when going out, when out on a trip, etc.
  • Cloth Styles - talk about your cloth diaper stash, post a review of your favorite diaper brand or store, the different types of cloth diapers
If this is your first time to join a blog carnival, you can check my previous carnival posts to have an idea how a blog carnival works.  To join, please fill up this FORM.  Deadline for registration is 14 April 2012.  Posting instructions and carnival rules will be e-mailed to all participants on 15 April 2012.  The carnival will go live on 16 April 2012.  PLEASE POST ON 16 APRIL 2012, beginning 12MN.

Don't forget to email me your link once your post is up so I can include you in the list of carnival participants.


mrsbry126 said...

Hi Jenny! What is I already made a review of my cloth diapers? Can I just include that in the carnival?

Anne @ GreenEggs&Moms said...

Aww I think this is an awesome initiative, Jenny! :) 

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