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Monday, April 9, 2012

New Product: Arms Reach Co-Sleeper

Sometime in February, Pam of Perfect Pieces contacted me and asked me to post about Arms Reach Co-Sleeper.  I got quite excited that this product is now locally available.  I had been wanting to buy it but thought that the shipping costs from the US would be quite prohibitive.


Pam and her partner, Michelle, met in college and have 2 (soon to be 3) kids between them.  Although Michelle is based in the US, the two friends kept in touch and discovered that they both had a similar crib for their babies - an Arm's Reach co-sleeper.  Both of them loved the product and discovered that it wasn't available in Manila.  Believing that every new mom should have one, they decided to bring it into the Philippines.  They were able to work out an exclusive distributorship for Arm's Reach co-sleeper in the Philippines and thus started their journey as mompreneurs.  Both Pam and Michelle breastfeed (hooray!) and attest that the Arm's Reach co-sleeper has tremendously helped them enjoy that experience even more.

Here's more about the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper:
The Arm's Reach® Co-Sleeper® Bedside Bassinet brand from the USA, the best-selling and only patented co-sleeping product on the market recommended by doctors and childcare experts, and endorsed by Hollywood celebrities. Co-sleeping provides the safest sleeping experience for baby, promotes breastfeeding, and enhances the natural bonding process between mothers and infants.
I'm all for co-sleeping but I do understand that some moms are uncomfortable or paranoid about having their babies on the same bed with them.  With this in mind, the people behind the Arm's Reach co-sleeper created a bedside bassinet to allow moms to co-sleep with their babies and assuage their fears of squashing their babies.
Unlike our improvised co-sleeping crib, the Arm's Reach need not be pushed against the wall because it has a "patented secure attachment system affixes next to your bed for the safest sleeping experience possible." Perfect Pieces has brought in 2 types of co-sleepers:

"The Original co-sleeper retails at P15,999.75 and comes in Cocoa/Natural or Black/Toffee, while the Mini cosleeper retails at P13,999.75 and comes in Natural/Natural or Cocoa/Natural. Each unit comes complete with a breathable mattress, cotton, fitted sheet, and nylon carry bag. The unit easily folds up into a portable carry case that fits into most overhead luggage compartments, perfect for travel or even sleepovers at the
grandparents’ house."
The bassinet converts into a playard for older babies and toddlers.  Would I buy it now? No, since we already have an existing crib for E (inherited from N) which we modified to become a co-sleeper.  But if I hadn't previously bought that wooden crib for N, I most likely will purchase this co-sleeper for E.

For more details, contact +63917-8445942, email or visit their Facebook page.
Trivia: can you believe that they even have sleeping bassinets for pets?!

Since we don't have an Arm's Reach, we put N's old wooden crib against a wall and took out one side.  N sleeps with Stan and I on the big bed while E sleeps in the modified co-sleeper.  What are your current sleeping arrangements?


Belle Delos Reyes said...

When Julia was newborn, her ninang lent us her son's co-sleeper.  I'm glad we borrowed it and I'm excited that it's now locally available.  When Julia started to crawl, we transferred her to our bed and sleeps with Don and I.  Now at 14 months, for afternoon naps, she sleeps at her crib.  At night, too.  We just transfer her to our bed when we get home from work.

Eliza Santiago-Ypon said...

We've been co-sleeping with Basti on the bed since birth. For a couple of weeks, O slept on a mattress on the floor until he decided he was tired of it. We got rid of our bedframe and put our mattress on the floor, so there's no danger of baby rolling off the bed. We surrounded the bedspace with foam squares. I debated getting a co-sleeper but I liked not having to get up AT ALL to feed at night. Hehe.

Jenny said...

sigh i miss those times! i'm not too confident doing the side lying now with N always squished against me. 

Jenny said...

we won't fit with N and E now! we recently tried with a king bed and it was just right! hmm.. what to do with our queen bed?!

Belle Delos Reyes said...

Get the king bed and sell the queen.  :-)  Or donate :-)

Geoff Granfield said...

Such a lovely baby you got! So cute! You should be careful where to put him to sleep though, I'd reckon getting sealy posturepedic thrill plush just to be on the best and safe side, of course. Cheers!

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