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Monday, April 23, 2012

A Nursing Mom's Shopping Guide - More clothes!

More than 2 years from my second post on nursing clothes and I've discovered several more nursing clothes available locally.  I now have a second nursling and I'm quite pleased to find that there is now a variety of selection compared to the selection available when I started nursing N.  For this post, I will be focusing on 3 brands - Maternalove, Eden and Latch a Babe.
Maternalove is a Singaporean brand which was brought to the Philippines by my blog sponsor Hatch and Latch.  The brand was designed with with chic-oriented mothers in mind. 

My favorite piece in the selection is the convertible dress which you can wear in 10 ways!
How's that for versatility? Check out the available designs over at Hatch and Latch.

A new local brand of maternity/nursing clothing is Eden, developed by Bianca Araneta-Elizalde together with LATCH President Buding Dee. 

The brand is now on its second collection.  The clothing line can be used from pregnancy to breastfeeding and are meant to be contemporary, sexy and fashionable.  My favorite piece is the Eiffel dress from the first collection - the layers hide the extra bulges, especially on my thighs :D

Eden clothing can be purchased at their showroom at Unit 403, La Fuerza Plaza, 2241 Chino Roces St. Makati City.

Finally, we have another local brand - L.A.B. or Latch a Babe.  Also on its 2nd collection, this brand was started by high school friends - Cheryl Tom Wong, Marigold Siy-Lee and Eulyn Reyes.  All items are locally made and quite affordable. 

You can purchase L.A.B. clothing through their Facebook page.

Check out my previous posts on where to buy nursing clothes in Metro Manila:
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mafethm said...

Love this Jenny, I checked your other entries. The nursing top I bought medyo nakaka nanay ang look (haha, u know what I mean?) I'm currently collecting Nursing friendly tops. =)

Rachel Bernardino said...

Would you know if nursing swim wear is available locally?

Anne @ GreenEggs&Moms said...

I love the layered dress!! It's so nice :)

Tala said...

This is a great post Jenny! I'm currently updating my wardrobe :-)

William Ayden said...

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Designer Clothes  said...

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Dulce said...

hi jenny! where did you buy Maternalove? I called up Medela Moms and Numa and both of them are not carrying this brand. Still trying to get in touch with Hatch and Latch. Thanks for sharing this! Really helpful for breastfeeding and babywearing moms =)

Jenny said...

Hi Dulce! I got maternalove from Hatch and Latch - hope this helps!!

James Smith said...

Amazing guide for nursing mother's

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