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Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday to My Prince!

As this post goes live, we will be en route to our Christmas break in Visayas and Mindanao.  Plus today, my little prince E, turns 1 year old!!

Both my kids are December babies and with E's birthday so close to Christmas, last year's celebration was quite fantastic!  For this year, it will be a triple celebration for E! It is his first time in Cebu so he will meeting his relatives and godparents there at his birthday dinner tonight.  My mom has this belief that you MUST celebrate the 1st birthday of your child on the date itself.  So tonight's celebration will be a small dinner just so we can celebrate E's first birthday.
giveaways for E's Cebu and Davao celebration!
for the adults!
Then off to Davao we go to spend New Year's in my hometown and I'm excited to host a small party for my barkada and their kids!  Arts and crafts? Gingerbread house party? Hmm.. still to be decided.

It has been an exciting first year for E. More than the parties, I am excited for us to spend a lot of quality time as a family, relaxing and enjoying each other without the pressures of work, school, etc. etc.

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