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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sick Baby and a Baby Comfy Nose giveaway

Being comforted by Bitbit the Rabbit
E has been sick often these past month.  I brought him to his homeopathic pediatrician who is also into anthroposophic medicine. She shared that the energy of a person is low close to his/her birthday.  No wonder.  This time, E has upper respiratory infection and because he can't cough out his phlegm, he has been feverish.  He also alternates between having a stuffed and runny nose.  To alleviate his discomfort, I use Baby ComfyNose - a nasal aspirator which you operate by sucking one end of the tube.  Sounds icky but it works!  I purchased this product online some months ago but since E generally has excellent health, I was only able to use it recently.

It was such as coincidence then that the Philippine distributor of the product contacted me to host a giveaway for Baby ComfyNose.   The local distributor - Karen Palad Chua of BabyMundo used to be a dorm mate at Eliazo.  She graduated with a degree in legal management, studied nursing, worked as a nurse abroad and is now back in the Philippines as a mompreneur.  She is now majoring in childcare and minoring in household management. :)

She is also a breastfeeding mom to a 8-month old Hannah.  She stumbled upon Baby ComfyNose when her daughter was 3 months old.  She would notice Hannah waking up at night after 15-20 minutes of sleep, despite having already been changed, fed and burped.  After investigating, Karen found that Hannah couldn't breathe properly due to a clogged nose.  Karen couldn't successfully alleviate Hannah's discomfort with a bulb syringe so she turned online and discovered BabyComfy Nose.
 BabyComfy Nose was developed by parents who were also frustrated users of the bulb syringe.  Karen got in touch with the company and is now the exclusive distributor of BabyComfyNose through BabyMundo.  What she (and I) love about BabyComfyNose is that the whole device is see-through - you can see what's going on as you suck out the clogs from your baby's nose.  You can also disassemble the aspirator - allowing you to clean the nose piece, the body, the mouth piece and the tubing separately with warm soapy water.

When I was looking for a nasal aspirator, I was actually considering another brand which works in a similar way.  However, I ended up with BabyComfyNose because the filter that BCN used is an ordinary tissue paper, unlike the other brand, which had its own blue filters that you needed to buy.

Karen shares that when she started selling BabyComfyNose in the Philippines, she met a mom whose baby had a severe case of allergic rhinitis, requiring the use of steroids just so he could sleep at night.  The mom shared how BabyComfyNose helped them - by alleviating baby's clogged nose, allowing the baby to sleep without snoring.

Here are some information about BabyComfyNose that Karen would like to share:
BabyComfyNose is a brand of nasal aspirator in the US. It has gained a lot of positive reviews from consumers because it works efficiently, safely & hygeniecally. Its design is very much different from a bulb syringe because you generate the suction. There are four parts: a mouthpiece, tubing, body and a nosepiece. Here are the summary of its features:
1. Ten times the suction compared to the bulb syringe or battery powered nasal aspirator
2. Physician-developed
3. Material is BPA & Phthalate Free
4. Can be disassembled for washing
5. Patented design eliminates possibility of contact with mucus or germs
6. Tissue filter

You may or may not use 0.3% normal saline or salinase drops prior to suctioning. It helps loosen the mucus. I've tried it with and without salinase. I still get the mucus out.
You may or may not put tissue (just 1 cut or leaf of toilet paper would do). I've tried it with and without and it doesnt affect the suction strength.
Its really very user friendly. It takes a few seconds to get the mucus out.
The nosepiece is soft and its design edso that it doesnt have to go in too deep unlike a bulb syringe.
Its really been a lifesaver for parents especially those with allergic rhinitis or when they're babies have bouts of congestion.
Its great at helping babies breathe better from a clogged nose not to mention give them a good night's sleep.
If you would like to purchase your own BabyComfyNose (or get it as a gift for someone), it costs 750 pesos and you can order it directly from Karen through her Multiply or Facebook page.  You can also contact her directly through 09155843163.

For this giveaway, Karen has generously offered two (2) COANM readers the chance to win 1 BabyComfyNose nasal aspirator each (1 pink, 1 blue).  The giveaway will run from 5 December 2012 (N's birthday!) to 14 December 2012.  Join through Rafflecopter below. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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