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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shopping Report: Mommy Mundo Bazaar

Finally done with the only bazaar that Mama.Baby.Love is joining for the Christmas season.  I try to limit the bazaar activities I join because E's yaya is my tindera.  So when we join bazaars, it really gets hectic at home since we have to do double duty.  
Mama.Baby.Love booth
E with Ninang Jonie in front of her booth
Thanks to babywearing, I was able to keep E quiet and secure while I checked out the shopping finds at the bazaar.  Guilty me was not able to give E a lot of solid feedings on Saturday.  When dinner came, he wolfed down rice and chicken like a big boy! I made up for it on Sunday and fed him a heavy breakfast - egg omelette.  For lunch, he had fish and potatoes at Kulinarya. Plus fish fillet as snack at the N@W's Christmas party and chicken and rice for dinner!
E tanks up at lunch. 

What I like about Mommy Mundo bazaars is that it offers not just targeted shopping opportunities but also the chance for me to catch up with my fellow mompreneur friends.  Because I've been joining Mommy Mundo since 2009, I've actually become good friends with several "regulars" like my neighbor - Nursingmom, Celestina & Co, Mommy Treats, The Eco Baby Boutique, Hatch and Latch, Chubby Cheeks Baby, Wonderworld Toys, Mommy Matters, Medela Moms, Googoo&Gaga, Manila Baby Shop and Babymama.
I'm seeing double! Audrey of Googoo & Gaga at her booth
and chatting with Tricia of Dizzy Dress
 I was able to meet Tricia of Dizzy Dress.  N has a Josephine Baker dress in large and she loves twirling about in it!  Still saving up for a 2nd Dizzy Dress.  I also tried the Next9 x Googoo&Gaga collab sling in Rising Sun.

Meanwhile here are some of my finds from the Mommy Mundo Bazaar:
Plush & Play toys from GK, yummy chocolate chip cookies from
Mama L'Oca and the Mustela line of products (we love the Stelatopia line)
 This booth was near the SoMoms booth so I kept going back to check out the products.  This started as a thesis project of some Ateneo students and eventually expanded to a "real biz".  What is unique about Amaize Clothing is that it is made of corn silk!  The owner shared that she uses their long sleeved tees for running and they give a dri-fit feeling.  They are currently focused on children's clothes because the corn fabric is hypoallergenic and is best for kids.  I purchased a ruched tee for N which came with pink pearls.
Amaize children's clothing from corn silk
 I also purchased a Gangnam shirt for N from Bug & Kelly.  Both my N and E are fans of Gangnam. N will be wearing the shirt tomorrow with Jen's K.
Gangnam shirt
 Meanwhile, I chatted up with Pink Lemon's Beth LimChu.  Beth owns a textile store and blogs as Divisoria Mama.  She is my to-go person whenever I have questions about where to find xxx in Divi.  Beth revived her clothing biz and now does children's line under Pink Lemon.  She can also customize children's clothes - perfect for the holidays!
Pink Lemon clothes for the holidays!
 Also found my yayas' uniforms which I bought from Snuza's Sheryl.  Also purchased this set of decorated wooden clips from Sitting Pretty. I enjoy looking at pretty things and I was influenced by Celestina's Ethel to buy!  Ethel purchased a magnetic board to hold her children's artwork.
Snuza, Fiddletops, Sitting Pretty and R. Trevi's booths
Claimed my Mom 24/7 planner - ready for 2013!
I was also intrigued by the MEG teddybear cellphone from R. Trevi.  It allows you to program 3 numbers and can be converted into a baby monitor! Costs P3,200 and I am thinking of purchasing it but worried about exposing N to too much cellphone radiation since it will be with her everyday.

Since there was a SoMoms booth, I also had fun chatting with my fellow SoMoms who shared the same time slot with me - Jen, Neva, Elai, Kris, Tin and Fleur   We were even graced by the presence of honorary SoMom - Oli!

2-day Bazaar was tiring but fun!  Looking forward to the next one in May 2013!

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