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Monday, April 8, 2013

Non-Traditional Doctors

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this photograph on my Instagram and was surprised at the interest it generated.

This combination is called Q-P-V - after the names of the 3 medicines and act like "vitamins for the lungs" as coined by a friend, Kate.  Last year, N and E had been regularly getting colds and cough.  Their pediatrician recommended this combination of 3 medicines to strengthen their immune system and lessen incidences of colds/cough.

There were several moms who were curious and wanted to try this combination.  However, since this is a "medicine" given by my pediatrician, I recommended that they ask their own pediatricians first or consult a homeopathic doctor.

I bring my kids to Dr. Cricket Palanca-Chen, a pediatrician who also practices anthroposophical medicine.  Even if she is not the most breastfeeding-friendly pediatrician, what I like about her is that she doesn't immediately prescribe antibiotics or strong medicines to counter whatever bug my kids have caught.  I know there are some doctors like that - who prescribe a "catch-all" medicine to solve a child's mysterious ailment.

With Dr. Chen, we use homeopathic medicines which is sourced locally from Centro Natura, which is owned by Dr. Divina Hey-Gonzales MD.  Here are her details:
14 K-7th St., West Kamias, Quezon City, 1102, Philippines
Tel No. 9285386
Mobile No. 09188888698

Centro Natura is also the importer of Weleda in the Philippines. You can actually also purchase a variety of homeopathic medicines from Healthy Options but these imported ones are much more expensive than the ones we purchase from Centro Natura.

The comments on the IG reminded me of a draft post I've had for some time, listing down the alternative doctors in the Philippines.  Given that a lot of families are now interested in going natural, I'm sharing this list of non-traditional doctors and/or clinics that you may want to consider.

1. Dr. Cricket Palanca-Chen, pediatrician with clinics at Medical Plaza, Makati (844-9185) and St. Luke's Global City (5697217).  Secretary Rose: 09279877079 or 09224175472.  We've been seeing Dr. Chen for about 4 years.
2. Dr. Divina Hey-Gonzales General Medicine, Antroposophic Medicine Clinica Natura, Quezon City: 928-5386.  She is in the Kamuning area.  She also takes care of adults.  14 K-7th St., West Kamias, Quezon City, 1102, Philippines; Tel No. 9285386; Mobile No. 09188888698
3. Dr. Jake Tan Holistic Practitioner, Accupuncturist and Alternative Development Activist Quezon City: 370-8158
4. Dr. Grace Zozobrado-Hahn based in Puerto Princesa, Palawan 0921-6541228
5. Dr. Delia Patawaran Ob-Gynecologist:
  • FEU-NRMF Hospital Rm. 403 Marian Medical Arts Bldg., Regalado Avenue cor. Dahlia St., West Fairview Quezon City Phone 936-2671; 935-2198; 427-0213 
  • Metropolitan Medical Center OB-Gyne/Ultrasound Unit, 1357 J. Masangkay St., Tondo Manila, City of Phone 255-0401 to 40 
  • St. Luke's Medical Center Rm. 427 Medical Arts Bldg., 279 E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd. Quezon City Phone 723-0101; 723-0301 
  • United Doctors Medical Center Rm. 1015, 290 España cor. N. Ramirez St. Quezon City Phone 712-3640
6. Dr. Maria Elvisa G. Casals Ob-Gynecologist
  • Greenhills: 723-2984
  • St. Luke's Medical Center 279 E. Rodriguez Sr. Boulevard, Eulogio Rodriguez , Quezon City, Metro Manila Tel No.: (632)7230101 / 7230301 Room 327 , Medical Arts Building Tel No.: (632)7230101 / (632)7230301 loc.: 6327

7. Dr. Irene Cortes Pediatrician Tondo, Manila: 254-9569
8. Healing Leaves Medical Clinic & Wellness Center #6239 Mañalac St., Poblacion, Makati (02) 519-2372 / (02) 710-9623.
9. Raphael Clinic at the Isip Center, 6241 Palma St., Poblacion, Makati City. 632-895-84-21. The Clinic has wellness and healing programs on family medicine and pediatrics, general medicine, eurythmy, acupuncture, stress management and laser therapy.
10.  Philippine Association of Anthroposophic Health Practitioners Inc. (PAAHPI) C/o Dr. Paulita Villegas Baclig;  23 Aries Street,Villa Ernesto Phase I 9000 Gusa ,Cagayan de Oro , Mindanao Philippines
Tel/FAx: +63-8822-732 548
Mobile: 02- 0917-706 5398
Update on Dr. Paulita Baclig - you can visit her website here --
11. Dr. Marian Alonzo - who used to be the doctor at The Farm in San Benito.  She now has her own practice
12.  Dr. Jenny Madamba - a family physician who is a certified medical acupuncturist and specialized in traditional Chinese medicine and anthroposophic medicine. Contact her through INAM Philippines.
13. Sr. Regina Liu - I visited her for acupuncture when I was having bad mornign sickness with E.  I have friends who had difficulty conceiving who attested to her ability to help them.  She is also the only person here who I know will help you encapsulate your placenta.  You can read more about her HERE.
14.  Dr. Girlmar Leones who is a DAN (Defeat Autism Now!) doctor.  She is a partner in Rosario R. Austria Health Clinic, which specializes in holistic and natural health care. Contact number is 7243242.
15.  I also asked our pediatrician Dr. Chen for other doctors who were practicing homeopathy.  She gave me these names but not all of them are in Metro Manila:
I originally obtained information about some of the doctors in this list from Tet of The Good Earth.  However, Multiply has forever erased her journal post about it.  Luckily, I was able to save some names from her list.  If you do use this list or copy it, please refer back to this post and acknowledge the source.
:)  I haven't visited all the names included in this list and I would appreciate feedback if you have.

Update 9 April 2013
I love my readers!! In a day after publishing this post, I received more information about natural doctors.

16. Lia shares that in Davao City, her general practitioner is Dr. Rosalie Bajado, of the Biological Homeopathic Medical Corp. (Davao Clinic).. Tel # (082) 2991619.
17. After searching online, I found more details about Biological Homeopathic Medical Corp and they have doctors all over the Philippines!
  • BIOLOGICAL HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL CORP-CEBU 0356 Don Mariano Cui St., Capitol Site Cebu City Tel # 253-3746 / 253-3099 Telefax # 255-9740 
    • Dr. Fortunata Bacalla - 0920-9256741 / 254-2826
    • Dr. Floro Camenforte - Cel # 09209116268
    • Dr. Rey Acis - Cel # 0926-2995133 
  • (Davao Clinic) # 123 Camia St., Juna Subd., Matina, Davao City Tel # (082) 299-1619
    • Dr. Rosalie Shahani Bajado - Cel # 0922-9872829
    • Dr. Ruby Manzueto - Cel # 09262063686
    • Dr. Janet Pacifico; Dr. Amber Malaya 
  • (Cavite Clinic) Unit H Freva Bldg., Tanzang Luma 1, Aguinaldo Hi-way, Imus, Cavite Tel # (046) 875-2972
    • Dr. Rizal Calilung - Cel # 09178054535 
  • (Cagayan De Oro Clinic) SE JO Lim BLDG., Gemilina St., Carmen, CDO City Tel # (088) 858-73-92 Telefax # (088) 233-3139 
    • Dr. Boy Uriarte - Cel # 09165398297 
    • Dr. Greco Gregorio - Cel # 09209280376 
    • Dr. Mary Ann Niez - Cel # 09189380753 
  • Other Cebu Clinics : 
    • Dr. Allan Librando - Cel # 0917-3560389 
    • Dr. Victor Garcia - Tel # (032) 255-0971 
    • Dr. Romy Paredes - Tel # (032) 412-9269 
    • Dr. Letecia Abinuman - Tel # (032) 346-6138 / 413-2674 - Mandaue City 
    • Dr. Myrna Lopez - Cel # 09164574469 - Lapu-Lapu City 
    • Dr. Corazon Villaver - Cel # 09209203404 Dr. Ardel Binoya
  • Other Clinics to serve you: 
    • Tacloban City - Dr. Floro Camenforte -Tel # (053) 325-2483; Dr. Victor Cruz - Cel # 09194605892 
    • Bacolod City - Dr. Lorenzo Cabalfin -Tel # (034) 433-1848 - Dr. Dean Climaco - Tel # (034) 435-3534 
    • San Carlos City - Dr. Edgardo Quisumbing -Tel #(034) 312-5136 
    •  Dipolog City - Dr. Rey Acis - Cel # 0926-2995133 - Dr. April Lopez - Cel # 09185000542 
    • Ozamis City - Dr. George Abordo -Tel # (088) 521-3987 
    • Dumaguete City - Dr. George Abordo -Tel # (088) 521-3987 
    • Butuan City - Dr. Boy Uriarte - Tel # (085) 342-8626 - Dr. Ivy Ferrer - Cel # 09189277825 - Dr. Casals
    • Valencia City - Dr. Mariano Pizarro - Cel # 0919-3897989 - Dr. Greco Gregorio - Cel # 0920-9280376 
    • Davao del Norte - Dr. Wilfredo Matutes -Tel # (084) 829-1263 - Sto. Tomas, Davao del Norte - Dr. Amber Malaya
    • Gen. Santos City - Dr. Ruth Santos - Cel # 0920-2793110 
    • Kidapawan City - Dr. Imer Villela - Cel # 0927-3534143 
    • Surigao City - Dr. Romulo Ybernas, Jr. - Cel #
18. Bio-Integrative Healthlink Center - Wellnessland Health Institute Building 314-C Sikatuna Street, Barangay Zapatera, Cebu City, Philippines, 6000
+63 (32) 416 - 8520 or +63 (32) 255 - 5582

19. Dr. Rosario R. Austria - check this feature article about her.
  • G.F. Austria Clinic 18 Mariposa St., Cubao Quezon City Phone 412-2583; 724-3242 
  • Center for Holistic Integrited Medicine Asia AGS Bldg, Suite 1 446 Edsa, Makati Phone 897-7916 
  • Center for Holistic Integrited Medicine Asia Green Valley, Country Club E. Rodriguez Ave, Bagong Ugong Pasig City
20.  I'm also looking for this clinic near Mt. Mayon featured in this article

Update 14 January 2014:
I'm adding No. 21 to the list from my hometown of Davao!
21.  Dr. Diana Diaz-Calimbas, M.D. Center for Alternative Medicine First Floor, Dona Segunda Building C.M. Recto Street, Davao City

Her daughter, Monica, shared:  "[Dr. Diaz] has been practicing alternative medicine since 1994 through her private practice here in Davao City. My parents also manufacture FDA approved naturopathic and herbal remedies. Some of our products are available at the Blue Kitchen and EchoStore branches."

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