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Friday, April 12, 2013

Personalized Books - Look It's About Me

To say that N loves books is an understatement.  Our small condo is filled with all sorts of reading materials - hers and mine, to be honest.  If there was one thing that my parents never said "no" to, it was for the purchase of books.  I have adopted a similar attitude with N.

Early this year, Rone of Mothering Earthlings introduced me to Tatiana Pena.   Together with her partner, Kimmie Lamata, Tatiana publishes personalized children's books under the company Look It's About Me.  I really got excited when they contacted me because I had previously bought a personalized book for N from a US company.  I was thrilled that a similar product was locally available.

The company currently has 5 titles: My Magical Christmas Adventure, My Super Duper Birthday Party, My Underwater Adventure, My Great Space Race (For Boys) and My Great Space Race (For Girls).
At the time when Tati wrote me, My Underwater Adventure was not yet available for ordering.  However, knowing that N enjoys water stories, I decided to wait.  The saying - "good things come to those who wait" - applies here.  I was definitely not disappointed with the wait.  N's Underwater Adventure was a huge hit!

Compared to N's previous personalized book with a fairy theme, Look It's About Me's Underwater Adventure was filled with details that really make the book special.  Aside from getting the child's name, the book also included details about N's talents, friends and family members.

N was thrilled to not only see her name but also to read about her favorite activities, friends and relatives. The engaging story written by international published author Maria Natalia Mercedes Diaz is artistically illustrated by Robby Singh.  The book tells of how N turns into a mermaid to save sea turtles who got entangled in nets.

a scene from the Christmas book
Meanwhile, for E, I chose "E's Magical Christmas Adventure.  Yes, yes, I know Christmas is 8 months away but I decided on the Christmas book because by Christmas 2013, E will be 2 years old and will start to enjoy reading (instead of tearing books).

Also written by Natalia Diaz, this book is illustrated by Dax Xenos Tee and tells of your child's visit to the North Pole.  What I especially enjoyed about this book is the tidbits and info provided about the North Pole.  In the meantime, N enjoyed this book even if it was personalized for E.

I took advantage of their Easter promo and ordered 2 more books for gifts - Super Duper Happy Birthday and the Great Space Adventure.  Ordering was easy - all done online and payment was processed through PayPal.  You do need to know certain information about the recipient e.g. names of friends, etc. so you can also opt to buy a gift certificate instead.
Look It's About Me is the first company to introduced personalized storybooks for children in the Philippines.  The books are of excellent quality - hardcover and printed on paper that is not easy to tear.  I also love how colorful the books are.  This is an excellent gift for kids and will be a treasured keepsake.

To order, you can visit their website.  Stay in touch through Look It's About Me's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and get updates on specials and new products.

*Look It's About Me gifted my kids N and E with one book each.  I purchased the 2 other books as gifts. 

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