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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Back to Back Saturday! - Cloth diapering and breastfeeding events

Saturday will be a very busy day as I will be joining 2 activities to promote practices close to my heart - cloth diapering and breastfeeding. 

I had wanted to organize a local activity to support The Great Cloth Diaper Change last year.  However, one of the requirements of last year's event was that it had to be a simultaneous activity - which meant hosting the event at 11pm to coincide with the EST time zone.  Not really feasible with babies so I scrapped that out and instead organized a series of activities to celebrate Real Diaper Week - from a blog carnival, to seminars on cloth diapers and cloth diaper drive.  

This year, rules have changed and with more international events being set-up, the organizers decided to allow the event to be scheduled at 11am, LOCAL time.  Hooray! Initially, I wanted to organize an event that could be included in the Guinness World Records Diaper Changing Challenge.  I was able to pre-register but well, I lost track of time and realized that the deadline for registering and paying for the event had passed!
However, together with next9 and tickledmoms, we are still pushing through with the first Philippine Great Cloth Diaper Change!  We won't be joining the world record challenge but we will want to promote cloth diaper use.  
The event will be held at the 1st Floor Function Room of Renaissance 3000, along Meralco Ave. Pasig City.  You need to have a baby under 39" tall and bring a commercially-available 100% reusable cloth diaper (or borrow one) to change into at the event.   
If you don't have a cloth diaper but still want to join, you can purchase one from my online store and we can prep the diaper for you.  Please purchase by Wednesday (April 17) at the latest to give us enough time to prep the diaper.  Kindly also bring your own mats as we will be sitting and changing babies on the floor during the event.  
To join, please fill up the form below.  If you can't see the form, sign up through this link. You can also visit the Facebook event page for more details. 

After the Great Diaper Challenge, I will be heading on to Medela House for Mamaway Philippines and Medela Moms' monthly seminar on What to Expect When You've Decided to Breastfeed.  This comprehensive seminar includes topics such as breastfeeding benefits, latching, positioning, what to expect at the hospital and upon going home and my topic - going back to work.  Aside from myself, speakers include Joyce Ann Zaragoza-Martinez RN - a trained lactation nurse and breastfeeding doctors - Dr. Lei Camiling-Alfonso, Dr. Jamie Isip-Cumpas.  

This is a 3-hour seminar perfect for pregnant moms and their partners/support persons.  You can register by calling 7253723.

Hope to see you at one of the events this Saturday!

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