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Friday, February 21, 2014

A Nursing Mom's Shopping Guide: ELIN Maternity and Nursing Wear

I am excited to see more and more brands that offer breastfeeding friendly clothing to Filipina mothers.  I had been a fan of Elin when they were still focused on mainstream clothing.  When I found out that one of their partners was going to have a baby, I become more excited because I hoped that a breastfeeding friendly line would follow.  And apparently, I wasn't far off!  They had already expanded into the maternity line because they found out that a lot of their customers were using their clothes as maternity wear because of the comfort and fit.  Naturally, because Martina is breastfeeding (yay!), the nursing line followed.
My favorite Elin top during the launch of
LATCH's Snuggle Wuggle Wee
To be honest, when Elin invited the SoMoms to be part of their #SoMomsinElin project, I was hesitant.  You see (and Stan knows), I'mt not fond of being the subject of photos.  That's why I don't have selfies and whenever we do portraits, I always get impatient when Stan doesn't finish shooting in 5 minutes or less.  However, I really love the clothing brand plus I was going to be with friends - so I said yes!

Another thing that I didn't like about photo shoots would be make-up.  I rarely put make-up on.  I go out without powder or lip gloss.  I just feel that doing make-up takes up time which I can devote to something else.  But I have to say, I was pretty happy with my make-up and the time to complete it.  The make-up artist was Gex Garcia who was a FAST worker. We started at about 9am and she finished all 6 of us in about 2 hours!  I also loved how she gave me a natural look - which made me look years younger.

For our first lay-out, the Elin ladies made us all wear their Diane dress.  It is a short dress that works for all figures.  You can see here the SoMoms in varying body types and I have to say that the Diane suits us all.  I have to credit our photographer, Camille King who chatted with us and made us feel at ease.  Credits also to her daughter Sophia for entertaining us and showing us her lovely room.
SoMoms in the Diane Dress
What I love about Elin clothes is that they are classically designed and timeless.  The fabric is also very soft - made of cotton? I'm not sure what the clothes are made of but it's the type of fabric you'd want to sleep.  Most importantly, Elin clothes do not cling to the body!  Instead, they drape and flatter -- very important especially for middle-aged moms like me (yes, I am in my mid-30's already!!).
My favorite nursing dress is this Amanda piece. Unfortunately, pink has sold out and only black is available.  Easy to pack and doesn't wrinkle much, I brought it during last year's trip to Laos.
Wearing the Amanda dress in the night market
at Luang Prabang, Laos

While yes, you do not need to purchase nursing tops to breastfeed, I find it easier to breastfeed E when I am wearing breastfeeding tops.  Because my kids are extended nursers (N stopped completely just before she turned 6 while E is still at it at 2.5 years old), I find it worthwhile to invest in classic and timeless breastfeeding clothing.  My recent purchases from the Elin line were this Marie Tunic and Emma Nursing Tee.   You can view ELIN's entire maternity and nursing line here.  The clothes are very affordable, comfortable and durable!

Read more about our Elin photo shoot here. Did I enjoy the photoshoot?  My photo below answers that question!
Happy toothy grin for Elin!
To shop for Elin maternity/nursing (and everyday) clothing, visit their website  Follow them on their social media accounts:
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Instagram -
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They also have an affiliate program which allows their shoppers to earn!  So be sure to click my affiliate link when you shop :D

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