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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bebe Chic Diaper Bag Giveaway

It's time for the long over due Bebe Chic Diaper Bag Giveaway! The owners of Bebe Chic, Catherine and Mike Dy are long time friends who I met during the first bazaar I joined.  As I was going through my draft posts, I realized that Catherine had first asked me to do the giveaway back in May 2012 - almost 2 years ago!  (Sorry Catherine!!)

Catherine and I started our businesses at around the same time and we have been corresponding regularly about our products as well as about our children (our children's ages are close).  When Catherine asked me if I would be able to host a blog giveaway to launch Bebe Chic collection, I excitedly agreed and this time, I made sure that I will able to publish the post!

The Dy couple's first Bebe Chic bag
Mike and Catherine used their very first Bebe Chic Diaper bag (a pink travel tote) for 3 years and have passed it on to Catherine's secretary.  Their pink travel tote is still as good as new - no rips, no holes.   I learned all about the meticulous process that goes into each Bebe Chic design for the diaper and would like to it share with you through this interview with Catherine.

Jenny: How did you come up with Bebe Chic diaper bags? 

Catherine: Mike and I were very hands on with our eldest. We would go out for the day with no yaya. So when Chloe had her little (but really urgent) emergencies, we had to dig deep into the bag just to find that one towel, or that diaper that got buried somewhere under the blanket and toys. Which isn't easy when your baby is crying already. Those bags didn't have any pockets! Plus we hated the cartoon designs. I never wore cartoony stuff before, so why should I start now just because I had a baby?

Jenny: What's the most important aspect you considered in designing the bags? 

Catherine: Initially it was really the organizing aspect. Pockets to have everything in place. Oh, and the separate compartment for the changing pad. There's really an ick factor for me, putting back baby's changing mat AFTER she has used it in a stuffy and humid public toilet. I'm sure a lot of OC moms can relate to this. But now that we have a 'standard formula' for the pockets, we shifted our focus on the designs. We started out choosing only the fabrics that are already available. All we had to do then was choose. Now, we create our own prints. We get inspired by what we see around us - a cool fabric print, pretty stationery prints.. even beautiful websites are inspiring.

Jenny: So what is your inspiration with this new line? 

Catherine: Well summer equals rising temperatures. And what do you do to stay cool? You eat cold things - like sorbets, gelato, ice cream - which are the inspiration for our Creamsicle line - creamy pastels. You dress in cool colors - like the light gray shade of our Wintour line. The chevron is just because we love the pattern so much.

Jenny: How about the brown bag? It is starkly different from the rest of the line. 

Catherine: We noticed in the Mommy Mundo bazaars that most moms, before they purchase the bags, will ask the dads if they would feel comfortable carrying around the bag. Understandably, the dads would say no to floral prints. But would be cool with solids and unisex prints. So for this collection, we wanted to include designs that the alpha male wouldn't mind carrying :)
Parker Bag

To celebrate their new collection, one lucky COANM reader gets to win a Bebe Chic Wintour bag.  The Wintour bag comes in a gray chevron print and has adjustable shoulder straps.  It comes with a clear pouch and coordinated changing pad.  Of course it comes with a lot of pockets - 2 large front pockets plus side pockets and a back pocket for the changing pad.  Inside the bags are 5 more smaller pockets to keep baby's things organized.  Interested?  You can join via Rafflecopter below.
Wintour Hobo
Meanwhile, you can also purchase the new collection at the following stores:

Chubby Cheeks Baby (
Mama Baby Love (
Brussel Sprouts (
Mothering Earthlings (
Cudsly (

Brick and mortar stores:
Landmark Makati and Trinoma
Rustan's Department Store (Robinson's Place, Gateway Mall, Cebu)
Baby and Beyond (G2, Strata Suites 300, P. Guevarra, San Juan)
Babyland (all branches)
Sta. Lucia Mall
Daffodils Baby Shop (Unit 6 Caedo Commercial Center, Calicanto, Batangas City)

Thank you Mike and Catherine for hosting this giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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