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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hatch & Latch

I just want to welcome my newest blog sponsor - Hatch & Latch.

Hatch & Latch was started by Helen See, a breastfeeding mom who was frustrated with the limited products available locally for nursing moms. She decided to bring in the brands and products that she used and found helpful.

Just some of the ways you can wear the convertible dress
Her brands include Maternalove, a nursing wear brand from Singapore with a fabulous convertible dress - allowing moms to wear the dress in 10 different ways from maternity to nursing. I already purchased one in blue! Helen also brought in Motherlove, an organic herbal company specializing in breastfeeding supplements that help increase breastmilk. Prices are reasonable. I previously had a blog giveaway for the nipple cream where I shared that I bought the More Milk Special Blend in Hong Kong for HKD$390. The same product is locally available for Php1,950. Other products include the NiNi Toy Bungee and MilkBands Nursing Bracelet. Their newest product is the Bellybuds which allows mom to share the benefits of prenatal music with the baby.
Do check out the Hatch & Latch website and Facebook page today!


Martine | said...

Thanks for the info! Good to know there's a local distributor for Motherlove. I had my relatives bring some from the U.S. pa before, when I first asked you about it. Yey for local prices! :)

Jenny said...

i know!! local prices are a lot "friendlier" ;)

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