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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blog Giveaway: Butterfly Twists - Super Shoes for Super Moms!


We have a winner!!

Congratulations to Rachel Anne Del Rosario!  Please check your email.  Thanks to everyone for joining! Next contest in mid-October ;)

A couple of weeks ago, Trina, Stan's high school friend contacted me about hosting a giveaway on the blog for Butterfly Twists - rollable, twistable, foldable shoes that you can pop in your bag and take with you anywhere.  But before sharing the giveaway, let me share with you Trina's own breastfeeding story about nursing her now 3-year-old son (this is a breastfeeding blog after all! ;D).

Trina was able to give her son breastmilk for 1 year despite leading a hectic lifestyle.  She wasn't able to produce a lot of milk but she made it a point to express milk on both sides after she directly fed to save for rainy days. A few weeks after giving birth, Trina went back to work and teaching (once a week in fashion school).  Barely two months post-partum, she had to attend a wedding in Boracay where she was the maid of honor.  Then at four months post-partum, she and her husband took a 2-week vacation in Australia.  Did these hinder her milk expression times? No - in fact she successfully expressed milk every 3 hours and brought the milk home for her son.

How did she do it?  By pumping everywhere - you can say that her pump was her best friend during this period! She pumped during wedding preparations, during the wedding reception, while driving in the car, during class breaks, in the middle of a girl's night out, while shopping and walking in the mall, while on tour and even at a pub in Australia!

Before Trina went on her Australian trip, she was able to store about 400 oz. of milk such that her son was still on breastmilk exclusively, during her entire trip.  Did she have an abundance of milk?  According to Trina, the maximum output she had during each expression time was only 4 ounces - but she just kept going and going!

Basically, Trina wanted to go on with her life without sacrificing the best thing that she can give her son - breastmilk.  She had earlier been told that to successfully breastfeed her son for 1 year, she'd have to give up her job and basically stay at home.  But her experience certainly proved those naysayers wrong!

Trina is now expecting twins and is preparing for their arrival in October.  From her experience with her eldest child, she is definitely willing to do what it takes to give her twins the best milk.

And with that, let me segue to her product - Butterfly Twists - Super Shoes for Super Moms! Check out her press release and the giveaway at the end of this post!  With her commitment and dedication, Trina is definitely a perfect example of a "SUPER MOM"!
Moms today are more amazing than ever. They juggle a ton of tasks day in and day out, and still manage to be on top of being a wife, mother and career woman.
As they rush from home to school, to office to errands, it is usually their feet that first take the blows of a busy day. Much as they would want to wear a comfortable pair of flip flops to move around as swiftly and pain-free as possible, slippers just don't make the cut in looking fashionable on weekdays.
The good news from the United Kingdom though is that there is a way for super moms to look super chic in flats. They're called Butterfly Twists, a range of foldable flats that are ready to wear any time the soles need instant relief. An innovative take on the classic ballet slippers, they fold to a small triangular shape that allow them to fit in the smallest of handbags, glove compartments, and desk drawers. Best of all, they are highly fashionable in a range of different designs, beginning with the Satin Collection (Black, Gold, Purple, Red, and Aqua), Faux Leather Collection (Black, Gold, Silver and White), and Python Collection (Black, Navy, Silver, and Pink).

In fact, the supermoms who have discovered Butterfly Twists hardly even keep them folded. Stylish as the flats already are, they have come to wearing them from the start to the end of their days.
Butterfly Twists are also ideal for pregnant women who need to stay away from heels but want to be as fashionable as always.
All 3 collections have recently been available in stores perfect for ‘Moms on the go’: Moana and Aura Athletica in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, HAB (Havin’ a baby and more) in Greenbelt 5, Shangri-la Mall, and Alabang Town Center.
Butterfly Twists of England is exclusively distributed by Butterfly Twists Philippines. Also available in: Chocolate Clothing Company in TriNoMa (not Chocolate Schu Bar), The Flat Shop in Greenhills, Fashion Forum in SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, and SM Makati, ARANAZ in Greenbelt 5, Catalogue in Gaisano Mall, Davao, and Mian’s Closet in Mary Mary Mall, Iloilo City
FOR MORE INFORMATION, please call Tessa Mauricio-Arriola at (02) 975-5751 or (0917) 560-1495, or email
Want to win a pair of Satin Butterfly Twists, valued at P999? Here's how:
1. Like Butterfly Twists Philippines on Facebook and leave a comment on the page on why these shoes are perfect for ‘moms on the go!’ 
2- Follow @cleversoles and @mamababylove on Twitter, and tweet this giveaway: "RT @mamababylove: Win a pair of Satin flats from @cleversoles"
3 - Blog about this giveaway.

*1 entry per item - you can do just 1 or all 3!

Don't forget to leave a comment about the entries you submitted AND INCLUDE YOUR SHOE SIZE!  You can just leave 1 comment, enumerating all your entries.  Please note that I will validate the entries.  Winner will be drawn and announced in this blog a week after contest ends.  Contest is open to everyone with a Philippine address where I can ship the prize to.  Contest ends on 30 September 2011 at 12 midnight.


jencc said...

I WANT I WANT!!! My size is hmmm....ano nga ba? 8? 8.5 siguro. I liked them of FB, followed them on Twitter, RT your tweet, and...(if i'm not tamad) will blog about it. Hahaha! Thanks Jen, and best wishes to Trina and her coming twins!

Veratush said...

RT your tweet. Size 6 :)

pyxxie0703 said...

Hi Jenny! Even if I'm petite, I'd always chose to wear flats over platforms or heels. So I'm joining your contest. I just did 1 and 2 and will try to do #3 as well. My shoe size is 5. :)

Anne Margaux Quezada said...

1. Like Butterfly Twists Philippines on Facebook and leave a comment on the page on why these shoes are perfect for ‘moms on the go!’ - Done
2- Follow @cleversoles and @mamababylove on Twitter, and tweet this giveaway: "RT @mamababylove: Win a pair of Satin flats from @cleversoles" - Done3 - Blog about this giveaway. - done

newmomhkitty said...

Hello!!! Was looking for these kinds of shoes! I  tweeted and followed on tweeter and facebook. My size is 6. facebook username is jennydyang. 

Niña Trinidad said...

Done item 1 and 2. My shoe size is 8. :)

LC King said...

Done with items 1 and 2!
My shoe size is 6/7, depends on the shoes. :)
twitter id & fb username: lctolentinoking

gessa said...

yay.. joining.. :)

here is my entry:


followed both twitters:@kenge19:twitter

Gessa Marie C
giza_violetpotion at yahoo dot com dot ph
size 7

Krystyna Quimpo said...

Did items 1 and 2.
My shoe size is 9.5 pr 10 :)

Helene said...

Just did #1. Shoe size is 8.5 or 9. :)

Mom-Friday said...

Cool flats Jenny, love the pink snakeskin!  Size 7.5 please ;)

1 - FB liked and commented :
2 - Tweeted and followed:!/mymomfriday/statuses/109198585182175232

Clarence Fino said...

Did instruction 1 & 2.. Shoe size is 5. :)

Cym Marzan said...

I shared on FB:

And tweeted:!/ceemee/status/109211115707310080

My shoe size is 8-8.5. :-)

Issachavez said...

oh my! i love the designs especially the snakeskin! my size is 8 ! :)

liked FB page and URL:

followed on twitter and tweeted:!/Issachavez14/status/109279813474328576

Crystalcruz1986 said...

fb comment:

followed both twitters:

Crystal Lagman

I LOVE the satin collection brown
size 7 :

jenny624 said...

I liked Butterfly Twists Philippines facebook page and left a comment on their wall. Here is my entry: shoe size: 9 -10 I would love to win this because my feet are craving a pair of ingeniously designed Satin flats. Here is my entry: shoe size: 9 -10 I would love to win this because my feet are craving a pair of ingeniously designed Satin flats.

Tina Ong said...

I like the black snakeskin, in a size 7 please.



Manilamommy said...

I  like the black and white snakeskin in size 6 please!



Jorvy said...

just fielded my entry! been following @mamababylove on twitter already and i'm now following @cleversoles!

i can't wait to win a pair of satin flats! hmm, my shoe size is 6 1/2. i could go either way, though, 6 or 7. but for this type of shoes, i guess it's better to go with something more snug, right?

my color: black or gold!

Nathalie Velasco-Tan said...

Hi Mommy Jenny! Congrats on a shoti for N.  Did all 3 entries  :)  Size 7 in black please :)

Icar maghirang said...

i am joining!

1-liked butterfly twists in FB and left a comment on their wall as well (icar pampolina maghirang)
2-been following you in twitter i just followed @cleversoles (@eekar-!/eekar/status/109384432653303810)
3-blogged about this giveaway (

i am a size 9 and any color will do...


Em said...

Done with items 1 & 2.
fb: Myra Michelle Nunez-Tiquio
twitter: yourbluepumpkin

im a size 7.5" and any color will do ;)

Leizle Demaisip said...

1. Liked on FB & left a comment:
2- Followedon Twitter & retweeted:!/iamLeizle4ever/status/109684980938051584
3 - Blog about this giveaway:'m size 7.Leizle

Min Viloria said...

Did all three steps.
FB name : Min Viloria
twitter : renaeh28
twitter post :!/renaeh28/status/109685510498299905
blogpost :

This shoes is perfect for me because I always walk almost everyday because my work is just walking distance from home.And I need a shoes as comfy as the prize whenever I am travelling with my daughter.

size 6 please.  red or beige :)

Min Viloria

Em Tiquio said...

Did the first two steps.
Below are the links:!/yourbluepumpkin/status/109674198129057792

Size 7.5 :)

Cheng said...

hi jenny!  im joining!

did #1 on FB and #2 on Twitter --my first tweet actually! haha, still learning how this thingy works :)

im size 7.5 pero i think with the weight i gained this pregnancy baka size 8 na ako hehehe

Em Alcantara said...

I claim victory haha! I don't usually join contests but this is definitely one item I really like :)

Done FB-ing and Tweeting about it. Blog na lang next time :)

Size 6 by the way. I think my toes got wider nga lang postpartum so I do hope the 6 still fits. Hard for me to look for shoes nowadays :(

Filomena FV said...

I joined! I really really love flat shoes ever since.

Here's my links:

FB Post:


Size: 6 
Color: Silver or Red

Filomena Villanueva

Gynne Lim said...

Excited! I love the shoes! DId all three!
FB: Gynne Leang-Lim
Twitter: gynnelim

Size: 7 or 7.5
Color: Purple 

Rachel Anne Del Rosario said...

1. Liked Butterfly Twists Philippines on facebook  and done leaving a comment on the page.FB username: Chel Legaspi Del Rosario2. Following @cleversoles and @mamababylove on Twitter as @bercheroja 3. Tweeted the giveaway:!/bercheroja/status/111863209882959872FB post:

Raquel said...

1. Liked Butterfly Twists Philippines on facebook  and done leaving a comment on the page.FB username:Kaye Lao2. Following @cleversoles and @mamababylove on Twitter as:  myprunes!/myprunes/status/111872922687242240

im size 7.5, 
Kaye Lao

julieannevelasquez said...

Joining!!!! :) Did all. 
Like their FB, answer posted in their wall, followed on twitter.twitter link:!/bearluvslion/status/112509499163688961blog post: shoe size is 9.Julieanne V. Dimaanojulieannevelasquez@yahoo .com

cthompson4 said...

Liked these beautiful & comfy shoes on facebook. Love the super smooth and flexible soles perfect for being on the go when our first baby arrives!

cthompson4 at liberty dot edu

Ana Jane Bitor said...

joining :) love to wear flats and would even love more if flats come as handy as this one. 
1. Liked Butterfly Twists Philippines on Facebook
2- Followed @cleversoles and @mamababylove on Twitter and re-tweet the giveaway (!/janey_bitor/status/113552023617683456)
shoe size: 9

Lordilene Carpena said...

i want to join!!:) i liked Butterfly twists phils on FB and followed  @cleversoles and @mamababylove on Twitter :) show size 7 :)

Patricia Grace Palma-Soliman said...

i like butterfly twists phils on FB and also now following @cleversoles . was already following @mamababylove . :) i'm a size 9. teehee.

Armi Shyr Baticados said...

I joined! Did 1 and 2. ;)

Shoe size is 5 or 5.5

Toni (Wifely Steps) said...

Hi! I joined 1 and 2. I liked the page using my "Wifely Steps" FB page. And on 2, I'm @macaronigirl :) My shoe size is 7.

Sunshine Rose said...

Hi I am Sunshine Rose de Guzman. I joined the contest. 1. I liked FB page and left a comment =)2. Followed @cleversoles  and mamababylove on twitter and twitted the giveaway.!/gotluggage3. Blogged about this giveaway.
My shoe size is 7.5 - 8

Merry Jane Ocol said...

1. Like the page Butterfly Twists Philippines - Merry Jane carbungco Ocol
2. follow the @cleversoles and @mamababylove  -jingkring

size 6

Criselda Pablico-Alano said...

Did numbers 1 and 2.
FB username - Criselda Pablico-Alano
Twitter username - cris_alano
I'm a size 5 :)

Camille Quiambao said...

Did numbers 1 and 2.
FB username -Vintagekawaii Onlineshop
Twitter username-quiam
Tweet URL:!/quiam/status/118240539803000832
I'm a size 6! :)

Chominecarl said...

 Did number 1 and 2
FB username - Cho Salvatierra
Twitter user name - cho_mine
Size 6
God Bless!

Emlybacud said...

I did number 1 only...:) I'm size 6,  any style will do...

Elinor Semira said...

Liked Butterfly Twists Philippines on FB and left a comment on the page - Elinor Semira
Followed @cleversoles & @mamababylove on Twitter - @mhoie1325
Blog post:
Size: 6

nemsis75 said...

done 1 and 2!/nemsis75/status/119552925264642048
Size 8
This is handy on women on the go. Once you get tired with your heels you can wear it asap/

Janice Lim said...

Joined! Did all the entries.

Liked Butterfly Twists on FB and left a comment:

Followed @cleversoles and @mamababylove  on Twitter and tweeted this giveaway:!/flippertail/status/119555914519945216

Blogged about this giveaway:

Shoe size: 9

SuperMOM mrvcfernando said...

JOINED :) i'm a super "breastfeeding" mom and i love to wear flats as comfy as these gorgeous Butterfly Twists....

Liked Butterfly Twists Philippines on Facebook (mrvc fernando)
shoe size: 6
prefer red satin 

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