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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Earthbaby - pockets and AI2s plus a giveaway!

I am a cloth diaper addict. If you look at our cloth diaper closet, you will notice that we don't have more than 5 pieces of 1 brand/kind.  This is because I really enjoy trying out new diapers and diaper systems.  This makes cloth diapering fun (and expensive!!).  When I started cloth diapering N, there were only a couple of local brands available.  When it was E's turn, I noticed that more and more local brands have been developed and are now readily available in the market.

I am excited to introduce cloth diapering moms to a new local brand - Earth Baby Cloth Diapering System.  What makes this brand unique is that it carries two types of diapering systems - a pocket and all-in-two (AI2)!  Pocket diapers are fairly common so let me focus on the AI2 diaper.

Parts of an AI2
The AI2 is called that because it has 2 parts - a cover or shell and the insert or soaker.  Earth Baby's AI2 diapers is adjustable - one size fits most and is as convenient to use as a disposable diaper.  The insert can be snapped to the shell - making it easy to put on your baby.
The AI2 system allows you to change the insert or soaker when it gets wet.  The cover/shell is made of PUL which allows moms to just wipe down the cover or shell and replace it with a new insert or soaker.  I do this with our AI2 diapers when we travel.  However, when we are at home, I prefer to replace the entire diaper with a new one.   Putting on the inserts is easier with an AI2 because you just snap them on compared to a pocket diaper - where inserts are stuffed into the diaper pocket (:D).

features of Earth Baby AI2
To ensure that its one-sized AI2 would  fit baby well, Earth Baby included elastic tabs - allowing you to quickly put on the diaper on a very active baby.  What I also liked about the Earth Baby diaper is the double leg gussets - keeping everything IN the diaper.  Since the diaper is adjustable, it can grow with your baby, which means more savings for the family (that is if you're not a cloth diaper addict, like me!)

Earth Baby's AI2 soakers come in 2 types - microfiber or bamboo.  The microfiber soaker dries faster than the others. It also quickly absorbs the wetness drawing it away from your baby.  Bamboo is slow to absorb BUT can hold more.  Earth Baby suggests using bamboo soakers if you need extra absorbency.

The moms behind Earth Baby - Jeanette Wing Un and Marie Panganiban Antipasado were college roommates who reconnected and were brought together by their common love for cloth diapers.  With 3 children between the two of them, these moms built on their own experience and designed their own line of premium cloth diapers, focusing on baby's comfort.  To introduce their brand and product, Earth Baby is hosting a giveaway for COANM readers - 1 set of Earth Baby diapers (1 pocket diaper and AI2 diaper - winner gets to choose colors).

So, if you're a cloth diapering newbie, here's your chance to try out 2 cloth diapering systems!  Meanwhile, if you're already a cloth diapering mom, you can still join and try out a newly launched local brand - Earth Baby.  Giveaway will run from 2 March 2013 - 12 March 2013.  Join through Rafflecopter below.

Meanwhile, if you want to purchase the diapers, you can do so by visiting Earth Baby's Facebook Page. The diapers are 350 pesos each or 1,000 pesos for a set of three.  Shipping is free for orders worth 2,000 pesos and up.

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