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Monday, March 4, 2013

Triple Treat

We were very happy to have the chance to celebrate Erik's birthday with several groups of relatives and friends.  Erik was born close to Christmas and for the holidays, we usually spend it in Cebu and Davao.  Christmas babies are shortchanged in a sense because with all the festivities going around, people tend to lump their celebrations (and gifts) with Christmas.  So for E's first birthday, I more than made up for his future missed birthdays by having three celebrations!

This was also my opportunity to get together with my high school and college friends and have our kids meet each other.  Since we were traveling to Cebu on E's actual birthday, we decided to have a dinner with family and close friends.  We had dinner at Ching Palace - where I had my despedida de soltera more than 5 years ago.  Thanks to internet, planning was a breeze! I ordered our set menu via email and phone call.  I also ordered E's cake online through Cakes by Des! Meanwhile, for the giveaways, I ordered handpainted cookies from Sweet Manna - which turned out to be works of art!  I hand carried those cookies to Cebu (and eventually Davao).  It was worth it!!  The cookies were uniquely painted.  I sent Charisma a photo of E's 11-month pictorial and she was able to copy it into the cookie - with all the little details!

After Cebu, we headed to Davao for the New Year's.  I was meeting up with my high school barkada with their kids so I decided to have a mini celebration in Davao.  Since I was really pleased with the gingerbread houses I ordered and I was inspired by this gingerbread party, I cajoled my sister and her husband into bringing gingerbread house kits to Davao for a party!  I went to our local supermarket to add sweets for decorating.  The decorating party was a hit! We had a total of 8 houses, shared by 16 kids.  But it was the moms who enjoyed decorating the houses more than the kids! ;)

Our last (and definitely not the least) celebration was in Manila.  With the help of party stylist Little Miss Merry, we had a circus-themed celebration for the birthday boy.  I no longer hired a party planner and despite having a hiccup with my caterer, I was happy with how the party turned out!  I'll let the pictures do the talking ;)

Thank you Ninang Jonie for the circus tent!
Prizes from the Manila Book Fair and circus crafts and treats!
Party styling by Little Miss Merry
Cake and cupcakes by Swell Sweets
It was indeed a triple treat for my sweet little E!

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