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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas Finds: Sugar and Spice Gingerbread House/Man Kits

Last year, one of the activities that got N really excited for the holiday season was the gingerbread decorating class at Manila Peninsula.  I found it quite expensive! It was P1,535 nett for a child plus P614 nett for an accompanying adult.  However, since I was pregnant with E that time and didn't have the energy to look for alternatives, I closed my eyes and booked N and Stan.

This year, I checked out the prices for the Manila Pen class again and prices have increased!
Since I'm always online, there's no excuse NOT to find a more affordable alternative for this fun Christmas activity.  I chanced upon Sugar & Spice at  I immediately contacted Sheila and found that she sells the built and packed gingerbread houses during bazaars.  I requested her if she would be able to sell them as kits since I wanted to purchase them for N and happily she agreed.

ready for gifting!
It was actually her first time to prepare the gingerbread houses as craft kits. Sheila was very accommodating and provided detailed instructions.  She also provided her email and contact number and requested me to tell the recipients to contact her should they have issues putting up the gingerbread houses.

I ordered several kits as gifts and requested to split them up into several pick-up dates.  Since we were having a Spa-rty courtesy of Jen, I decided to give out the first batch of houses - even if it still wasn't  December!

The houses come in 2 kinds - choose between a Log Cabin or a Victorian house.  You need to pick-up the craft kits at Makati City.

Early achievers Michelle and Rone have started on their houses.  From what they shared, the support sticks were a bit difficult to set-up.  I haven't started N and E's gingerbread houses.  Trying to schedule it on a weekend so I won't be too harassed.

My second batch of gingerbread houses will be picked up by the end of this week.  Because of the complaints of my guinea pigs, I have also requested Sheila to prepare gingerbread men kits (instead of houses).  So some of N's friends will be receiving gingerbread men instead of houses.  I'm hoping the next batches of recipients will enjoy making the houses and decorating the men.  You can order the kits directly from Sheila of Sugar and Spice.
gingerbread craft kits - photo by Sugar & Spice
My Mom Friday's Unfinished Log Cabin
Mothering Earthlings' completed Victorian House

Manila Mommy's Graffiti House

OCMominManila's house.. still drying

Update: 24 November 2012:

Gingerbread men kits also available!! ;)
no assembly required! heehee!

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