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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Finds: Mothering Earthlings

Shopping for Christmas is always a challenge.  I shop not only for my own list but for Stan's as well.  So I keep an excel file (which I started back in 2008) to note the gifts we had previously given to our wedding sponsors, godchildren, friends, suppliers, etc. etc.  I do enjoy looking for unique items to give and keep a record of them for future reference. For this series of posts, I will attempt to share with you my finds for Christmas 2012.

As brand ambassadors (naks!), N and E have been recipients of snazzy and funky items from Mothering Earthlings.  The ME Alpha Mama  - Rone Valles Guerrero makes it a point to choose only the very best Filipino brands to be included in her store.  Her brands have been increasing, which makes shopping a joy!

Like Bib
Because Mothering Earthlings has a registry page, I had a gift registry for Erik for his baptism in February and included a lot of the t-shirt bibs which served us very well during his drooling phase.

With 2 kids, a full time job, this blog and my sideline (oops! plus a husband!), going out to shop in malls has been relegated to the bottom of my priorities' list.  But with Stan and my combined godchildren's list growing, shopping is still a must - and happily, online shopping is now a lot easier with Mothering Earthlings' instant "BUY NOW" service.

For Stan's godchildren, I headed to the LAST ONES page and snagged several Googoo&Gaga shirts for Stan's godchildren.
shirts ready for gifting to Stan's godkids
Other brands we love from Mothering Earthlings include In the Crib and Bug & Kelly.

watched Aladdin in her Strawberry Fields Tee
attended a 1st birthday in his Robot Tee
I'm a bargain hunter so the SALE page is the first link I usually click on shopping sites :D Still need to cross off names on your Christmas shopping list?  Mothering Earthlings still has a lot of great items - start with the SALE page.  ;)

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