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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Finds: Lock & Lock

In July 2012, I was invited by Michelle of My Mom Friday to attend a blogger's event in the Lock & Lock Flagship store along Araneta Ave.   My shopping find for that event were the boroseal glass containers.  I usually bring my lunch to office.  We've given up our microwave at home but I still nuke my lunch at the office.  Placing them in the glass containers while microwaving my meals makes me feel that it is healthier than nuking my food in plastic.  Plus, it makes cleaning a lot easier especially since my meals are tomato-based pasta or viands.

my boroseal glass containers
According to Lock & Lock, the boroseal products from the Borosilicate glass technology that lies upon the promise of heat resistance. The products are able to withstand extensive usage for
ready to nuke my lunch!
microwave ovens, boiling water and open flame.  The Boroseal line comes in a variety of colors and sizes, such as cooking pots (for deep-frying, salad tossing, braising meats), glass pans (pasta dishes and oven baked chicken or turkey).
different sizes of liquid containers
the boroseal and ceramica lines
Since the Boroseal line allows you to go from refrigerator/kitchen to table, I do just that.  My office-day lunch is prepared the night before and stored in the refrigerator ready for me to bring to work the next day.  It saves a lot of time especially since I am always rushing in the morning to bring N to school.
If you get a chance, visit the Lock & Lock showroom to see their entire line and get some Christmas gift ideas!  For this season, Lock & Lock has packaged several of their items in ready-to-gift boxes.  Here are the items I purchased for gifting this Christmas:
set of 2 BPA-free plastic containers

some of the drink-food container sets for gifting
I'm still checking which ones from the boroseal line I will be purchasing to give to my mom!  Meanwhile, you can visit the Lock & Lock Facebook page for updates or drop by their showrooms in Shangri-la, Eastwood, Glorietta 4, Alabang, Banilad Cebu, Lucky China Town Mall and Araneta Mega Store.  I've also seen their Christmas packages in Landmark and SM Department stores.
list of flagship stores

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