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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How was your Halloween 2012?

For the first time in many years, we spent Undas in Metro Manila.  S is from Cebu and I'm from Davao.  So we used to go home to either city for this long holiday.  However, N's school had make-up classes up to the week of Undas and S had bookings so we decided to have a stay-cation and catch up with the organizing, cleaning of our house during the long weekend.  

Trick or treating at our condo
We also took the chance to join the Halloween events in Metro Manila.  If you haven't noticed, Halloween has become more and more commercialized in the Philippines.  Department stores regularly stock on assorted Halloween costumes and knick-knacks.   I am not a DIY or crafty mom so I always lookout for sales to get the best bargains on the kids' costumes.  This year, N was a witch and a fairy while E was a batman and a pumpkin.  The pumpkin suit has been passed and E is the 4th baby to wear that.  It was first owned by E's cousin who is now 7 years old!

I initially entertained the idea of purchasing tickets to a hotel Halloween celebration.  But we had a bad experience during Easter at Makati Shangri-La - overpriced tickets, very limited space and very crowded.  So we decided to skip hotels for Halloween.  

We live on a condominium complex which organized a Halloween party for kids.  There was a party at our common grounds plus trick or treat for participating units.  For this year's trick or treat, I chose to hand out bookmarks, stickers and activity pads.   For the past years, N's treats usually get consumed by her yaya or S.  Happily, she is not a candy fan so I don't have to discourage her not to eat those sweets.
Here's the rest of our week in photos!
N joined Nickelodeon's Halloween Fright Fest.  Thanks to Bing for tickets.
Also to Ginny Guanco for the invitation.  N enjoyed the big slide!
Trick or Treating at Serendra.  Sunday lunch at Wee Nam Kee.
The kids were in their Mummy Wraps then changed outfits.
We also joined Fully Booked and Make Believe's story telling activity.
Trick or treating makes E hungry!  Happily, refreshments are always available!
What would dressing up be without the requisite photo op from
daddy - Stanley Ong Photography.  E poses in his old, borrowed pumpkin outfit
and a new, blue Batman suit!
Meanwhile, N hams it up as a witch and a fairy. 
How did you celebrate Halloween and the long weekend?

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