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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy 11-month E! A Pre-birthday Shoot

Can you believe it?! Just 1 more month and my baby boy will be a toddler!!

For his 1st birthday, our theme is carnival/circus.  So, for his 11-month day shoot, Stan and I decided to have a "pre-birthday" shoot so we can have a photo to use for his birthday.  For this shoot, the only thing I did was look for a cake design and order.  We ordered the cake from Quintbelles owned by Val of Woombie and her sister, Elaine.  I just asked Elaine to make the cake soft icing instead of the usual fondant so that E won't have a difficult time getting to the cake ;)

I'm happy that my husband Stan is not just a photographer but a stylist as well! Would you believe that he styled this whole shoot?!  He went through E's clothes and happily, there was a striped Henry onesie from E's Ninang Jonie of Mamaway Phil. The hat is part of E's normal wardrobe. Stan shopped for the pants and suspenders.  The clown nose is part of the giveaways for E's 1st birthday.

Stan also purchased the tickets, balloons and horn.  For the pennants, he bought crepe paper and the yayas cut them to hang as background.  Would you believe me if I say that this photoshoot was taken in our living room?  I wanted Stan to take it in a garden setting but he said that for invitation purposes, it needed to be "clean".  Since he is the stylist AND photographer, who am I to argue?

D-I-Ys are just not me.. but I'm glad I have a husband who willingly does it :D

Do visit Stan's website and like his Facebook page!

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